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How To Palm Read

Welcome to our mini-video series on “How To Palm Read”!

The biggest thing I always hear people say whether it's a palm reading, tarot reading, or psychic reading is “I don't know if I want to get a reading because I don't want it to influence my future. I don't want it to make me play out my destiny or like feel like I have no control over it”, but that is actually a misconception.

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What people need to know is that no matter what, you always have free will. For example, there will be people and opportunities that will come across your path. However, it is totally 100% up to you what you choose to do with them.

Again, these readings are there to guide you and to empower you to make the right choices, the most healthy choices for you.

They may give you warnings or point out some weaknesses that you might have to work on in order to create a better life for yourself. You can kind of think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book. There's a probability based on who you are right now, your personality, your environment, your upbringing that you're probably going to choose choice B and this is what choice B is going to look like. However, if you went to go and flip over to page 78 of the Choose Your Own Adventure book and choose choice A, then your life's going change in that direction.

What's cool about palm reading is that it shows this. The lines on your hands, the shape, and the puffiness on the mounts of your hand can actually change over time based on how you develop and how you evolve.

Most likely the lines on your hands right now did not look like that when you were born, so it shows your free will and the choices that you make can affect what your future lines will be.

Your life is kind of like a book, the first few chapters have already been written and they have already been set in stone because you lived them already. However, your future chapters are still unwritten; they are right now a rough draft.

Keep in mind when any reader tells you predictions, they really are telling you the rough draft of the possibility of what likely will happen. However, at the end of the day you always have free will to not make those choices.

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What Is Palm Reading Good For?

It can show someone's personality and temperament, as well as the weaknesses they can work on. It could do predictions but most likely give you a range of years (not absolute exact date like astrology does) on when things would likely to happen.

What Is A Red Flag That A Palm Reader Is Bad?

If they say that you have a curse when it comes to relationships, or your family has to curse that runs through you, you probably can get up and leave at that point. They may ask you to pay extra money for them to do a “magic spell” so they can remove that curse from you.

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Do You Read Your Right Hand Or Left Hand?

In general, you want to read your dominant hand. When I say dominant, I mean the main hand that you write with.

Your other hand, or the “passive hand”, talks more about your childhood or things that you might have suppressed, and what fate you were born with. However, in these video series, I’m focusing more on the “active” hand because it is the life that you're living right now.

What About Fate/Destiny Versus Free Will? How Much Does It Play In My Life?

Let's pretend you are right-handed. Look at your left or “passive” hand; those were the lines that you were born with. When you were born, both your hands most likely looked identical. As you grew and evolved and made your own choices (free will), the lines on your right palm start to change! The more changes in your dominant hand, the more you'll see that you're growing and evolving a lot as a human.

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What’s The Hardest Part Of Palm Reading?

Putting all the puzzle pieces together. You can’t look only at one line and say, “My lifeline looks great. I’m going to have the best and easiest life forever.” You have to take all the different symbols, markings, lines, finger shapes, etc. and put it all together to paint the whole picture.

Where Can I Learn More?

Once we get a whole entire course loaded, we are going to include the link here on this page. If you’re interested in reading more about palm reading, I recommend this book. I hope you guys enjoy this post and the rest of our Palm Reading Youtube video series! We also offer palm reading as a service here at The Happy Healing Shop.

Wishing You All The Best,


What do you think about palm reading? Have you gotten one before? If so, how as your experience? Click below and let us know your thoughts!

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