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What Is A Shadow Person & Why Are You Seeing Them Now?

A shadow person, or shadow being, can be many things. The shadows themselves are many times your guides, loved ones, spirits in the area, or even sometimes extra-terrestrial energies. The vast majority of the time, there’s nothing to be afraid of at all!

It’s your senses opening up, or you being more aware of your natural abilities. There can be other types of energies that are less desirable. They cannot violate your free-will, and again, these are far more uncommon.

What does a shadow person look like? What form do they come in?

More people are seeing these shadows or sensing them out of the corner of their eyes. They can have more distinct outlines, be transparent, smoky, soft white, a floating ball of smoke, or mist. There are many forms and stages of a spirit trying to manifest.

the happy healing shop shadow person under warm starry sky

Why do they come in that form?

It takes A LOT of energy for a spirit to manifest in Earth’s realm and be visible, so you’re actually seeing a visual distortion. This is why you might be only able to see a shadow or smokiness, or even as a flash of light.

Why are shadow people here? Is there something that usually prompts them to come in?

It could be that you’re sensitive without knowing it, and spirits can detect that. As a result, they’ll try to reach out to you and try to communicate with you. It could be your guides or beings that are watching over you, and you happened to see a glimpse of them.

The key thing is to not be afraid. You just have to understand they’re not trying to hurt you. People have the power at the end of the day; you can also politely tell them to leave you alone. A shadow person gets a bad rep because people automatically think they’re negative entities, which isn’t true at all! There may be a few, but they’re rare.

the happy healing shop shadow person in fog

Why do only some people see them?

It’s different levels of perceptivity. As humanity opens themselves back up to their natural gifts, more people will see these things. Some people only see them at night, when they’re sleeping and they’re relaxed, when their subconsciousness is outside their body a little bit. Some people only see them only out of the corner of their eye, during the day time. Others may sense that there’s something around them.

There are a lot of reasons why people may start to notice them. People’s perceptivity can change over time, depending on how they go through life. Their natural abilities may start coming back again. Maybe they’re making some positive life changes. Maybe they’re going through a lot of change in their life and their energy is changing. Or maybe they’re starting to become more aware of how much the world around them is changing.

the happy healing shop shadow person under blue starry sky

Also, because this planet is going through a major shift in energy, more and more people are getting aware. Some say the veil between this world and the spirit world is getting thinner and thinner, especially during certain times of the year (ie. during different moon and astrological phases and positions).

Some pick it up more easily than others, and they may not understand at the moment they have these natural gifts. That’s a sign they have some abilities coming through there. We were all born with varying degrees of these gifts, but many people shut them down as they get older.

the happy healing shop shadow person milky way

What can you do or should you do when you see a shadow person?

You don’t have to do anything. You can observe if you’d like, or you can even try to talk to it. If you moved to a new house and there’s a dark feeling you have in there, then maybe you shouldn’t talk to it. Always set the intention that you only wish to communicate with things that are of the light and of the highest good.

I hope this clarifies some things for you, so you don’t have to be scared. There’s a lot of unnecessary fear around shadow beings. They’re really just spirits and energies that look like shadows sometimes!

With Love & Light,


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Jessica Leahy
Jessica Leahy
Nov 16, 2022

These are not harmless whatsoever. They tormented me my entire childhood with night terrors and even became bold enough to show me it’s teeth and smile at me as an adult, AWAKE. Even my cat was hissing at it. Do not look at them, do not entertain them, and above all, do not be be afraid. That’s when they come back for more. This article is dangerous and trash you should just light it on fire. Please.


Cassidy Johnson
Cassidy Johnson
Nov 23, 2021

I'm sitting in my class right now and I keep getting the feeling to turn around whenever I do I see it in the corner of my eye . It's like it's watching me I don't know but it keeps happening what do I do.

Replying to

all you need to do is say with intention that any being that does not have intentions of the light, does not have permission to come near you. You can set those boundaries by stating your boundaries with conviction. Check out our other blog posts called "shadow hat man" and "negative energy" and "psychic protection". They have many more tips and guidance as well!

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