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About the Planner

The planner that has it all - with over 175 pages, filled with enough writing space for your busy day, along with a touch of astrology, mantras, affirmations, self-care activities and so much more to help you organize your life and inspire you for the upcoming year. It includes:

  • 2023 full calendar

  • Holidays list

  • Birthdays & important dates

  • Yearly to do's section

  • Password tracker

  • A fun and colorful coverpage for each month with the birthstone, zodiac sign, and more

  • What gives our planner its character: a page with a variety of things changing each month such as something to get you moving, quotes to inspire you, prompts for you to reflect on, a place to put your goals, spring cleaning checklist, vacation planning, holiday wish lists and more! 

  • Monthly budget and expenses sheet

  • Monthly budget tracker

  • A large full-view calendar for each month with a spot to put your monthly goals

  • Enough space for each day - EVEN on the weekends!

  • Reflection page at the end of the year

  • 2024 calendar

  • 2024 Reminders

  • To-do list templates for you to use

  • Notes section for anything you need to write on

Preview the Planner

Please Note: Due to image size, the preview images below may appear blurry.

Our Planner is Available in 2 formats

A hard copy for $37.99

(plus shipping cost)


The PDF Digital Download for $15

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