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The Happy Healing Shop’s Spiritual Business Coaching

Finally, Make Your
Spiritual Idea A Reality


Building a heart-centered business and improving people’s lives will be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding journeys you will ever experience.

I help everyday people like you achieve their potential and talents, highlight their innate natural gifts, and bring out their authentic voice into the world.


the happy healing shop - spiritual busin

"The High Priestess Round Table has changed my life in so many ways. When I first started I was not confident in my mediumship abilities and was unsure which road I wanted to go down with my spiritual journey. After many Round Table meetings I was able to narrow down the best path for me and gain confidence in my mediumship abilities. Through this process I've not only been able to become more aware of myself but also help many people connect with loved ones who have passed. Looking back at the meetings from a year ago I almost don't even recognize the person I use to be. I have grown so much in my spiritual journey and can only thank those Round Table meetings!"



The Happy Healing Shop - The High Priestess Roundtable Spiritual Business Coaching bundle package

Build Your New Business On A Solid Foundation

If you feel that pull, I can tell you that the universe is trying to send you signs that you were meant for more. That you were meant to thrive in a space where your gifts, your intellect, your talents, your voice and authentic self would be appreciated and loved. Where people want to listen to what you have to share with the world.


We don't believe in coincidences, so there must be a reason you're reading this:

  • You might be burnt out or unfulfilled from your day job, and wonder if there's more to life, if there’s more for you out there.

  • Perhaps you’ve been drained by giving readings away for free.

  • Maybe you're anxious about starting a new business, don’t know where to start, don’t trust your tech skills, or are looking for guidance in building your spiritual company from the ground up.


Whatever it is, I’m here to help give you direction and the necessary expertise to market yourself without sounding sales-y or inauthentic, be free to set your own hours, set up your beautiful website, launch your spiritual side gig or business, and keep helping and inspiring people through what you do.

The High Priestess Roundtable is a live coaching & consulting monthly retainer for entrepreneurs and healers like you who want to have a meaningful business with purpose and intention, that impacts people’s lives for the better.


Chances are you had a shift in you that peaked your curiosity in exploring and going on this spiritual path. Starting & growing a business requires a vision, the right mindset, showing up, using the right strategies, and yes, having the gut and courage to take the leap.  

mystical and spiritual products and crystals on a table

There's no better time to start your spiritual side hustle.  
The world has never been so hectic.
But there's a shift happening. 

More and more people are turning inwards to find the peace they're missing.

If you have something to offer them, be it healing, guidance, or just support -
now is the time to share your gifts.

Without guidance, the journey can be difficult, overwhelming, and disheartening. You will go through ups and downs and will question if this is the right path, and you’ll wonder if it’s better and safer to stick to your day job again. There will be days you will doubt your abilities: 


“But I’m not good enough…”

“What if they say that I’m a fraud?”

"What if they don't get anything out of this? What if I get something wrong?"


Here’s the thing: Even the most experienced practitioners struggle with these feelings from time to time. 


With my guidance, you’ll learn to recognize when self-doubt is a sign and when it’s just a passing worry. I help you shift your perspective to see your truths and reality, get clarity, learn how to make it all happen, and gain confidence in your abilities and your impact on others.

Hi, I'm Trang.

The Happy Healing Shop - Trang profile photo

As an Ex-Disney & NBCUniversal employee, I was fed up with the big buyouts and takeovers and with how people were treated poorly, abused, and seen as just a number. I believe there is now more than ever a need for entrepreneurs like you to share your gifts and unique voice in this world.


I’ve worked in international marketing, finance, and tech, assisting some of the top executives in these major Fortune 500 companies, including project management, events, logistics, and more to keep them afloat and learned the backbone and got insight in what took to connect with audiences all around the world.


I, too, know the fears that come with having the courage to moving from a cushy stable job to the unknown entrepreneurial world. It wasn’t until I started an entrepreneurial business that I had creative freedom in content creation and running it how I wanted to. Building on top of the skills also from my past experiences, I co-created The Happy Healing Shop.


My mission is to help you realize your true potential and show you that it's possible to create a business that is built with intention and meaning and one that aligns with your soul’s calling and life's purpose.

Is Spiritual Business Coaching Right For You?

How long have you been waiting to finally have the confidence to start building and showing the world the gifts and talents you have to offer?  A few months? A year? More?

Have you been spinning your wheels trying to figure out what ideas to go with or spend hours stressing out about what to do for social media but constantly feel frustrated with getting nowhere?

Or you’ve been researching tons of research on your craft and feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the amount of information out there or even put off and discouraged by what others say (especially when lots of disempowering info is floating around)?

Do you doubt your abilities for feeling like you’re not “an expert” or “good enough yet” to put yourself out there?

Then this is for you.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret.

The fear of failure in front of everyone’s eyes can make anyone want to crawl back in their hole.

I get it. I felt and went through all that. Every. Single. One. Of us entrepreneurs and spiritual creatives out there have.

You can read all the blog posts, listen to all the podcasts, and take all the courses, but none of those make that first reading or session for someone easier.

Even if you have all the knowledge in the world, so much of becoming a strong reader requires practice and gentle, encouraging guidance. It requires learning to trust what you’re hearing, feeling, and seeing, and then having the confidence to share that message with the person it’s meant for.

No self-education can compare to the support you receive from her mentors and coaches who’ve been there before you. Having someone on your team – to guide, educate, and encourage you – is invaluable.

angie elizabeth profile picture mucktribe

"Trang has helped me immensely in shifting my mindset from feeling fearful to putting my work out there & pricing it. Now I don't overthink it and feel confident and less overwhelmed than when I started."


The High Priestess Roundtable is right for those who:

✓ Are creatives and trailblazers who have a burning desire to make a difference and are looking to turn their gifts into their very own side gig or full time business that impacts others

✓ Are looking for support with building their spiritual gifts, taking them to the next level, and getting paid for their services

✓ Want to learn how to set up and hold spiritual events while creating a safe, warm, and inviting space for guests (virtual or in-person)

Feel overwhelmed on how to use tech or what platforms and apps to use

Have no idea (or too many ideas) on what to do with social media

✓ Are unsure on how much to charge or feel guilty to charge for their gifts and service that feels energetically aligned with them and position it in a way where clients want to buy what you have to offer

✓ Have service based ideas or those who want to sell digital products (ie. eBooks, guides, online courses, audios, videos, etc.)

✓ Want to reach a wider audience and making your offers accessible to everyone

Want to have more freedom and flexibility in their life. You set your own schedule and hours, take on the ideal clients you want to take on, and work from anywhere you want to.

What You’ll Get Out Of The High Priestess Roundtable:


Have a guide map on what’s important to prioritize, what to focus on to prevent from getting sidetracked by the many flowing ideas running through your creative mind and distracted by “shiny object syndrome”.

Accountability Check-ins

When you tell someone your goal for the week or month, you bet your butt that you’re highly more likely to do it instead of putting it off. Our group will help you keep accountable for your ongoing progress as you grow.

Fulfillment & Joy

Get to do work that feels meaningful, purposeful, and be able to see how you powerfully impact and change lives, while being respected for your craft.

Growth & Progress

Shift your mindset and perspective, develop your confidence in your abilities, and reframe your narrative, which will attract ideal clients and abundance to you.

Freedom & Flexibility

Set your own schedule and hours, take on the ideal clients you want, charge your worth, and work from anywhere you want to.

Join today and grow even more with these jam packed BONUS training course, Masterclasses, and tools:

Image by Georgia de Lotz

Value $1500
(All Yours For Free!)

Full access to The Happy Healing CLUB

Get access to our paid membership platform to help heal, do the inner work, and stop any self limiting beliefs you have in its tracks. Release any self doubt, beliefs, and views about your ability and learn to trust the process.


Experience live healing workshops, classes, breathwork reiki energy healing events, guided meditations, and 25% discount on all our other online courses to help with your growth & development.


PLUS, our online community is the best place - it’s a safe, non-judgmental space to practice and build confidence in your gifts on others, filled with other down to earth spiritual people such as yourself.


AND, you receive in-depth answers to your emails & questions (through audio or video) to get extra support between sessions, on our club membership platform.

Image by Olesia 🇺🇦 Buyar

Value $197
(All Yours For Free!)

Start Your Own Spiritual & Wellness Business in Less Than 30 Days [Online Course]

You’ll get this proven and practical step-by-step guide to starting your own spiritual business from scratch, including a case study on how one person expanded her social media audience from 0 to 46K+ followers, how to grow your business organically without funding, defeating self-doubt, the art of pricing, technical aspects of a sales funnel and launching your business, and more.


"Really enjoyed this and not only did it give me great starting knowledge and insights but confidence to get going!"

Image by Sincerely Media

Value $150
(All Yours For Free!)

Website Building Lesson

Looking on how to build a beautiful website without the stress? This step by step easy tech training that’s beginner friendly will walk you through making an easy, streamlined, and website in less than 30 minutes! It's the same exact one I use for my business and other businesses that I've personally built websites for. In addition, you will be shown SEO, which is the #1 factor in people being able to search & find you on Google.

Spiritual business starter workbook - the happy healing shop

Value $97
(All Yours For Free!)

Bonus Training Workbook

Your success is greatly determined by your mindset. The many things that hold budding entrepreneurs back are self-doubt, imposter syndrome, overthinking on the wrong things, fear of success, and more. This workbook will help you get out of your head and reframe and shift your mindset to allow for abundance and success to come in. It will also help you explore the various ways you can offer your gifts and talents to the right people who need it.

"So worth it! Seriously the journal with it, it's like business shadow work. It's so helpful and holistic!"


Image by Sincerely Media

Value $400
(All Yours For Free!)

Masterclass & Hot Seat Coaching Masterclasses

You’ll receive a library of our past hot seat live coaching masterclasses, filled with nuggets of wisdom and invaluable advice that you won’t be able to get elsewhere.

Shadow work self healing journal - inner child - the happy healing shop

Value $100
(All Yours For Free!)

Shadow Work & Self Healing Journal

A physical copy of our beautiful satin touch journal will be mailed directly to you. You can revisit it at any time to do the inner work and release unhealthy habits & patterns that no longer serve you

That’s Over $2400 Worth of Bonuses & Trainings, included when you join The High Priestess Roundtable!

Get Started Now

Select Below The Plan That Works Best For You

Be Inspired By Others & Their Stories:

"I was able to not only learn more in depth about the practical logistics of running a business, how to organize, manage the digital side of things and practical solutions but also how to work on my spiritual gifts. Learning how to understand in more depth, control and work with my spiritual gifts has been life changing and opened new doors for me I didn't even know I had, which is going to enhance my spiritual business and help me navigate life in general. This has been such a blessing to me, I feel so much more ready to launch now and I was so supported along the way. I felt so comfortable discussing the barriers and difficulties I was facing with my business. The advice I received was worth its weight in gold."


"I am happy to announce I launched my spiritual website in December. Thank you. You have given me the confidence I so lacked."


In The High Priestess Roundtable, we’ll address the 8 MAJOR mistakes people make when starting out:

❌ Offering their services for too cheap or doing readings for free 

❌ Why they attract problematic & difficult clients that drain them

❌ Trying to help anyone and everyone in the world 

❌ Not feeling confident their work is worth being paid for 

❌ Overthinking or getting tunnel vision with social media 

❌ Fear of coming off as greedy or sales-y, or having the fear of success 

❌ Looking at their craft as a spiritual hobby or a passion project

❌ Waiting for their service, course, program, or whatever it is to be “perfect” to launch

How My Coaching is Different From Others…

I’ve seen many budding entrepreneurs get excited at the thought of starting something with their many creative ideas. There are many coaches out there that will help with exploring ideas, but many of them don’t address the backbone and structure of creating a successful business that allows room for growth and expansion. While it’s so important to showcase your spiritual skill, gifts and talent, it's also so imperative to understand how it needs to be structured in order to be successful.

My holistic and grounded approach includes shifting your mindset so you don’t get stuck on the common mistakes people make when starting out and also show you the systems to keep yourself organized so you can free up your time and energy while working on your dream.

Instead of spending so much time slowly grinding and building your business, getting disappointed when things fail or don’t work out, or feeling like you’re shooting in the dark, or even worse, thinking about your idea, or even worse, never doing anything about it to make it happen, I help you get set up for success.

You’ll learn from me on how to go from being confused and overwhelmed to connecting to the right people and getting you booked with ideal clients.

Let’s work together to make your vision into a reality.

the happy healing shop - spiritual business coaching - tarot oracle card spread

You're never too small to make a difference.
You were meant for greater things,
and the world needs your gifts.

Your time is now.

What People Are Saying...

"Working with Trang was such a wonderful experience. She had thoughts and feedback on how to set things up, how clients might react to language and layout, and guidance on how to really start building my business. That’s where I really leaned on Trang the most. Her work, building multiple businesses, allowed me to jump-start my business. Instead of wading through a lot of conflicting information, she gave great advice about how and when to reach out to potential clients, how to build on social media, and how to manage my expectations. She also gave me tons of feedback on what had worked for her and other women she has worked with. Overall, my experience working with Trang wound up being supportive, informative, and just a great and positive experience! 


"Worth it! The Happy Healing Shop is a business that I trust. They are dedicated to helping people, and it shows. They are complete professionals and treat it more like a community than a business. I have been satisfied with every part of my journey here, from receiving timely emails back, to experiencing deep healing during my session. If you are skeptical, apprehensive to spend the money, or unsure if this is the right place for you,  then I encourage you to follow the instinct that led you here. At least, I'm very glad that I did "



What Kind Of Technology Will I Need In Order To Participate?

All you’ll need is a computer or a smart phone with internet. We recommend using a computer for a better user experience.


How does it work? What if I can’t attend the live events?

We meet once a month. A calendar invite will be sent out ahead of time. You can always send questions ahead of time if you won't be able to make it. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to our community platform for you to watch the playback at any time!

Why should I join group coaching vs individual coaching?
One thing no one tells you is that starting on this journey can be very lonely. You will have self doubt, frustrations, and moments of disappointment. There’s a high likelihood that your family and friends won’t understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and the different ways of thinking and possibilities that come with it. However, when you get support and see others going through the same thing as you, your experiences feel very real, validated, and less alone because how everyone in the group can relate. Also, you will grow deep connections, get insight & perspectives from everyone else with your ideas and business.

Who is this group coaching/consulting NOT right for?
This isn’t for you if you’re looking for a quick rich money scheme. Growing an authentic and meaningful side gig or business takes time, the willingness to show up, and being open minded to different ideas, strategies, and ways of thinking.

Which payment methods and credit cards do you accept?

You can pay with any major credit card.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, we take your security very seriously. The signup page (and the entire site) is encrypted with SSL, meaning that any information you submit is secure. 

What if I change my mind and want my money back?

Once you submit payment, your card will be charged for that month. You will be able to cancel the following month and your card will not be charged after that. 

Is this a recurring subscription?

Yes, you will be billed each month (if you choose the monthly subscription) or each year (if you choose the annual subscription). Your subscription will be renewed within 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel at any time.

Still have questions?

Please send us an email at

Dive In.
It’s Time For You To Share Your Light.

Other Available Services I Offer

1:1 Coaching

We cover a lot in our High Priestess Roundtable group coaching sessions. However, if you’re looking more for a deep dive personalized session with consulting, coaching, events, and more, I offer 1:1 sessions here.

Online Digital Course Creation

Want your online school/course set up all for you? If you’re looking for help to organize the ideas in your head into an effective course, scale your business and make passive income flowing through online courses,  it’s no easy feat. It involves looking at the flow of your course, having it designed & structured, figuring out which media & material to use, which equipment to use, scripting, filming, video editing, slides, voice over recording, quizzes & tests if applicable, the right LMS to use, tech setup for your needs, and creating your sales landing page.

Prices start from $1,997+

Click here to book a 20 minute consultation call with me

Website Creation

Don’t have the time or feel overwhelmed with the thought of making your website from scratch and setting the techy side of things up on the backend? We offer a do-it-all-for-your service where we virtually meet with you, go over your vision, create a website, plus copywriting, connect payment and booking apps so everything is automated (you don’t even have to lift a finger when a client books with you!), PLUS get your email newsletter list all set up, along with an irresistible lead magnet (ie. freebie) that people opt-in, set it up so they automatically receive the download, and become connected with you to build a loyal following and customer base.

"I was overwhelmed with the thought of designing a website, not knowing exactly where to begin. Trang brought her expertise and creativity and took all of the stress out of designing my site. She also provided extra training so that I could feel comfortable making any future changes as my business evolves. She offers exceptional service and quality. If you are just getting started and feeling the stress of tackling a website like I was, I would definitely recommend the services and trainings Trang has to offer." - Elizabeth B.

Prices start from $997+

Click here to book a 20 minute consultation call with me.

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