At the Happy Healing Shop, our goal is to help as many people as possible on their spiritual journey. We have access to a powerful set of metaphysical tools and knowledge to share that can soothe, reset and heal. As certified Reiki Masters, we know what it takes to listen to someone’s energy, understand their unique circumstances, and find a way to help them move forward.


We take our approach to ethical practice very seriously and want to create a safe, empowering space for anyone ready to meet us there. You’ll find no judgment here. Instead, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore your spirituality and reconnect with powerful methods of healing and develop your intuition and natural gifts.


We’re two happy healers who met in less than ideal circumstances. We were both working in an environment where stress was everywhere and empathy was hard to come by. We bonded over our shared love for healing modalities and other metaphysical tools.
Trang suggested creating a business together and the rest is history! We’re now excited to teach, collaborate, and help others find clarity, healing, and joy and illuminate their own life path.

Our mission is to help people on their spiritual journey and empower them through education, our intuitive and healing courses, webinars, workshops, guides, resources, and community events.

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