After meeting briefly (ironically through a difficult period of time) at work, Trang &  Maria connected over the idea of helping other with the use of healing modalities and other metaphysical tools. Maria had been keeping her extrasensory gifts largely a secret until she met Trang, who through her positivity, encouragement and openness suggested creating a website and business to help others find clarity, healing, and joy through tarot cards, psychic and mediumistic readings, and reiki healing.

Thus, The Happy Healing Shop was created.


Here at The Happy Healing Shop, our intention is to teach and combine our intuitive techniques & abilities to heal others. We believe in bringing people comfort, closure, clarity, and guidance in a safe and comfortable environment.

On our site, we provide links to guides, products, and resources for people to illuminate their own path and unblock any negative energy they may have, making space for new and positive energy to flow and guide them.

We are two happy healers looking to help others through our gifts and are both passionate in not only helping and healing people but also teaching and empowering them to find their own strengths and to tap into their own natural gifts!

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    Creative Designer

    Maria is a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Crystal Healer, Medical Intuitive and lover of herbalism. She lives in LA with her husband Zach, and two kittens, Astra and Nova.


    Operations & Marketing

    Trang is a Reiki practitioner & palm reader. She resides in LA and travel blogs at Travel With Trang


    Certified Astrologer &

    Dream Interpreter

    With over 13 years of experience, Ashley is our resident astrologer. A Certified Astrological Professional (CAP), she specializes in Vedic astrology and dream interpretation.


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