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Develop and Strengthen Your Intuition 

(Even If You Think You’re Not Intuitive)

Watch The Master Class Replay

6:28: Intro, Overview, & Check-In
12:08: Ways Your Intuition Gets Suppressed
18:26: Why It's So Important To Listen To Your Intuition Today & How To Take Advantage Of It
25:11: The Six Types Of Intuition & Which Ones Do You Have?
30:31: Three REAL Life Stories Of How Intuition Showed Up For People
33:42: HOW To Connect To Your Intuition
1:02:01: How To Work With Me / Open NOW: 12 Week LIVE Program: "Develop & Strengthen Your Intuition"
1:11:25: LIVE Q&A

Do You...

✔ Find yourself asking, “Is it my intuition or just a coincidence”? 


✔ Doubt the feeling in your gut even though it’s oftentimes correct?


✔ Convince yourself it's a fluke when you know a family member needs help before they ask?


✔ Kick yourself for not following your intuition when it does show up?


✔ Feel like you’re highly sensitive or feel exhausted as an empath?


✔ Want to side with your inner voice but revert to logical thinking because that’s what you’ve been taught to do?


✔ Feel curious about intuition, even if you think you aren't really that intuitive?


✔ Want to find tools and ways to help reset, ground yourself, and clear your energy?


✔ Avoid talking about unexplainable events and experiences with family and friends for fear of getting strange looks?


Desire a community of other like-minded people to practice and learn with?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

Image by Annie Spratt

Intuition is a powerful ability that EVERYONE is born with, but frequently is ignored due to society’s tendency towards rational thinking. Daily stress and anxiety is no help either. When we begin to doubt our choices and decisions, we tend to silence our gift of the inner voice.

Your intuition is a natural ability that you can grow and strengthen, but how?

Imagine If You Could... 

• Learn how to trust yourself and gain confidence in your life choices


• Deepen your connection with your inner self and with others


• Find which intuitive gifts you already have


• Identify what your true “yes” and “no” is. See how you can feel it and know what it really means in order to help and benefit you in your everyday life


• Discover how to properly read your environment and the people around you


• Recognize your true purpose and your calling in life


• Learn to quiet the chatter in your mind that causes anxiety and stress


Tell the difference if it’s your own fear or if your intuition is giving you a warning


• Receive healing to bolster your true self


• Pave your path with opportunity and peace 


Enhance and unlock your creativity and imagination


See what gifts you have and deepen your understanding of how intuition shows up for you


Learn how to release self-doubt and emotional blockages that come up


Understand how to respond to the energy of your surroundings and the people around you, when you are feeling extra sensitive or overwhelmed


Know when you're in alignment with your authentic self to make the best decisions, even if they do not make sense to anyone else

Image by Maxim Berg


Develop & Strengthen Your Intuition

12-Week LIVE Program

The Path to Intuition Mastery

This 12-week Intuition Course & Program is for people like you who want to clear their self doubt and turn to their inner voice for clarity, guidance, and direction no matter what level you’re at.

This program is designed to strengthen and fine tune your natural gifts to help empower you to:


  • Embrace the art of listening to your inner guidance 

  • Make the best decisions for yourself, your relationships, your health and well-being, your career, and your overall happiness

  • Gain confidence and feel safe in trusting your inner self and wisdom

  • Feel supported and reconnect to your body’s inner compass to navigate those everyday decisions in life

Here's What You'll Receive:

Live Practice & Coaching

12 weekly sessions of guidance and LIVE practice on others in our virtual class to develop and nurture your gifts in a safe space and non-judgmental learning environment. You will also get the replays of each session.

Develop Your Intuition Course

Our “Develop Your Intuition” online course comes with lifetime access, with 6+ hours of video content, journal prompts, list of intuition exercises & chakra meditation (valued at $250!)

Alumni Discount

Those who have already purchased our “Develop Your Intuition” online course in the past will receive a $250 discount off this program. (Please email for the exclusive booking link).

Access To
The Happy Healing CLUB

Experience our healing community & membership, during the 12 weeks duration of this program (this includes healing workshops, Reiki energy healing events, meditations, behind the scenes, and more)

Breathwork Session

This will help you release any self doubt, beliefs, and views about your ability to connect with your body's  natural gift of  intuition 

Grounding Guided Meditation

This simple and quick guided meditation will help ground yourself & your energy, opening your intuition, and allowing it to flow more easily

"You were born with everything you need to answer the call of your soul."
- Marie Forleo



(Monthly Payment Plan Is Available)


Sign up by January 31 to receive my

Palm Reading mini-guide on: 

"The Fastest Way To Naturally Connect

To Your Body & Intuition Based On Your Palm"


The Happy Healing Shop - Trang profile

Growing up in a low income immigrant family, I was taught to not be successful, but rather, to be stable. (Well, my parents considered stable jobs to be successful ones). 


“Safe and secure” was embedded in me for years. I was never encouraged to practice intuition. Actually, I don’t think my parents knew that even existed, especially since they were always in scarcity and survival mode.


After finding myself laid off from a job, I too, went into survival mode and desperately applied to as many jobs as I could. I ended up with an opportunity at Disney Studios, where they offered benefits, free passes (which some people call “golden handcuffs”), and a strong brand name to put on that resume. 


Where people thought was “the happiest place on earth” became my greatest nightmare. I found myself frustrated with hierarchy, discrimination towards people, and the abuse of power. I was mistreated and bullied by my boss. As a result, I physically and mentally hit absolute rock bottom.


Looking back, there were subtle signs at the workplace when I interviewed that would reveal this place was not for me. 


How I wished I listened to my gut.


This was when I went through my spiritual awakening and learned to finally stand up for myself.


I met a colleague, Maria, who happened to be a psychic and my life changed as she showed me this whole other spiritual world that I didn’t know had always existed. 


After learning about intuition & psychic abilities, meditation, crystals, tarot, energy healing, and more, instead of dismissing it as too “woo woo”, I observed it helping people get closure, deep understanding, and heal from stress, fear, and anxiety, as a result, shifting their energy.  


Today, I still see people in that place where I was - stuck in survival mode, not listening to what their body is hinting at or warning them. Now, I want to share what I learned to help people get aligned with what’s truly right for them, feel unstuck, have more clarity, and feel empowered in their decisions in life by tapping into their own natural powers and gifts, all in a safe and supportive community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How does this program work?

Once you sign up, you will be registered and sent a link to get lifetime access to our “Develop your Intuition” online course. We will virtually meet weekly- for 1-2 hours -of group coaching for 12 weeks. The group will be intimate, with a maximum of 8 participants. You will get personal guidance from Trang, in addition to receiving feedback and support from the group.

When does the program start?

Our first virtual session will start Wednesday, February 15 at 6:30 PM (PST/Los Angeles time)

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone at any level who's looking to discover their intuition and strengthen it, connect with their body, and gain insight and direction to help make decisions by tapping into their innate wisdom. 

How can developing intuition help me in real life?

Developing your intuition can help you to get in touch with yourself and your higher purpose, and it can also help you make better life decisions because you're more in touch with your higher self, your soul's purpose, and being able to pay more attention to things. It can include feeling warnings, being able to follow your gut instincts about situations that can lead you to other positive things in life, being able to better deal with interpersonal relationships such as family and ancestral healing, and getting through the tough things that come up in life (because your perspective will change when you know how to use your inner gifts). Some examples include: being a parent who can read the needs of their baby/children more quickly and easily, being a teacher who can tell something personal is going on with their student even if they didn’t say anything, being a spiritual healer who can hone in on the negative energies in a person, and being a detective who can read people well and read between the lines on what’s not being said.

What if I'm not really intuitive enough?

Everyone is born with intuitive abilities. All humans have some psychic ability as part of our basic survival instincts such as gut feelings and intuition. Everyone has unique gifts and your gifts may manifest differently from someone else's, and that's beautiful. However, you may have grown up in an environment or family upbringing that never encouraged you to use it and it became suppressed. This program is designed to help you tap into your intuition. Over time with practice, just like any ability, you can hone them and learn how to be more proficient.


Messages you get are usually subtle and especially when you’re starting out or having a spiritual awakening, it can be difficult to distinguish between the messages you get and your own thoughts. Sometimes the message is just a feeling. Sometimes the message is just one symbol or one word, and we have to learn to not judge those inputs, no matter how small or faint they might be. The very first type of message that a lot of people will start off with is feeling, that feeling of something in their body that they can send something into it. This is something all humans have: the ability to sense energy with their bodies. It's a defense mechanism to protect us. It's not about If you can't get as much “if you are getting messages”, it's more about learning to be patient and to tune into things that are very subtle compared to our surrounding environment which has over stimulus everywhere. We have to quiet down and hunker down into a much more quiet set of senses and messages that will take time to become loud to us. Again, it just takes patience and practice.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! There are monthly payment plans available.


Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds for this program. 

What Kind Of Technology Will I Need In Order To Participate?

All you’ll need is a computer or a smartphone with the internet. We recommend using a computer for a better user experience


Do I Still Get Access To This Program After It’s Over?  

Yes! You’ll get lifetime access to all the content to revisit as often as you’d like, and also any updates to this.

What if I’m still not sure if this is right for me?

Let’s hop on a free 20-minute call so we can answer any concerns you have and see if it’s a right fit for you. To schedule a call, click here

I’m Ready To Connect Inward And Tap Into My Gifts!

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