A safe and powerful healing modality, Reiki can help you to clear energetic blockages, find emotional healing, strengthen the physical and energetic bodies, and encourage overall well-being. This can be done remotely or in person at our select events. Choose from a mini energy pick up session or a full restorative session.


$80/45 minutes (virtual/online)

$120/45 minutes (in person)


With a personalized tarot reading, we can help you to gain insight into any aspect of life including: career, relationships, love, health, emotional healing, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. 

Our most popular service.


$80/45 minutes



Psychic Medium Maria Hill uses a variety of spiritual gifts to tap into and convey messages and insight from the other side --- whether it's a friend, loved one or your spirit guides you would like to connect with.

$250/90 minutes


This reading reveals information about past lives that are most influencing your current life. Insights into why you gravitate towards certain people or interests and even certain fears you may have carried into this life, can help you to find peace and healing & guidance for living this life prosperously.

$200/60 minutes


Get clarity in areas of your life and inner-being with this reading and coaching as Maria uses a mix of all her intuitive skills, professional experience, guidance from her spirit guides, and spiritual gifts. Find ways to understand yourself and life's purpose, seek areas for growth, and opportunity, and where you can release negative energy roadblocks to change your life for the better. Discover those deep desires you may be ignoring and what you can finally do to unearth that genuine sense of fulfillment you've been looking for. This is a session that can bring light on your hidden talents. A combination of tarot, numerology, astrology, and psychic mediumship are used in this session.

$200/ 1 hour


Discover the meaning of the symbolic messages encoded in your dreams for further understanding of what your spirit and subconscious mind is communicating to you about your life.

$60 / 30 mins


Your very own unique natal chart conveys a story of your life purpose. See major themes predictions and the timing of events that will occur in your life such as love, career, wealth, and more.

$150 / 60 mins

Followup session: $60/30 mins


Here at The Happy Healing Shop, we believe in bringing people comfort, closure, clarity, and guidance from the comfort of your own home. We’re both passionate about not only helping and healing people, but also teaching and empowering them to find their own strengths and to tap into their own natural gifts. 


Based in LA, we currently offer Tarot card & Oracle Card readings, Reiki healing sessions, and Mediumship services.

Sessions are done by phone or video. Full payment required to hold appointment, fully refundable up to 24 hours prior to appointment. 


Donations  are welcome and greatly appreciated to support and help us expand our services, create free content and community events, and improve our site! (For donations, Paypal is highly preferred; Note: with credit cards the app takes 33% of the donation)


Looking to have a tarot card reading for your private party, birthday, bachelorette party, or a girls night in, festival, or dinner party? We charge $150/hour, plus $50 transportation fee.

Please contact us to book.


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