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Crystals That Bring Wealth And Prosperity

Welcome to another post on crystals! Today we’re going to be talking about crystals for wealth and prosperity. I think everyone eventually would like to have a happy life full of abundance and as little conflict as possible. It’s a nice thought. And thankfully there are crystals to help you get there!


This crystal is also nicknamed “The gambler’s stone”. It’s really great for helping you to bring in more money, increase your luck, and help you to remove that fear. It works together synergistically for you to be more opened for manifesting in money, wealth, and prosperity.

Crystals That Bring Wealth And Prosperity money coins in jar


This crystal is one that helps bring in courage and also helps you break bad habits. This can help you prime you for success, which helps you bring in abundance and wealth into your life.


This crystal is great for creating happiness and prosperity in the forms of helping bring in abundance. It’ll help increase your money flow and manifestation abilities. Citrine also creates money positivity, to help you not only looking at money in a negative way or in a lack mentality perspective. Overall it’s a very protective stone, so that’s really awesome too.


Another stone used for luck and prosperity is jade. This stone for luck is easy to find as it’s found in a lot of jewelry and beauty products now. Jade is actually nicknamed the wealth stone and is known for bringing in business & luck.


This green stone has these cool circular patterns all over it. It’s great especially if you’re going into a business venture or starting a new endeavor. It also helps with money and gives you perspective on your pursuits.

Tigers Eye

One of the crystals we have here as you may have read in our other posts is tigers eye. It’s not only very protective but it helps a lot with motivation and luck too. Tigers eye is a great power stone and especially if you’re trying to start your own endeavor, trying to move up in the work place, or trying to get the courage to move forward. It’s a great grounding stone as well.

So these are a few of my favorite examples of crystals for wealth and prosperity. I hope this helps you find a crystal that will help bring joy and abundance your way!

With Love And Light,


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