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Himalayan Salt And Its Benefits

Today we’re going to talk about Himalayan salt benefits. This crystalline has become popular over the past couple of years for a number of reasons. You might see it at your local Bed Bath & Beyond shop, in both the kitchen section and in the décor section.

You might wonder why in the world is Himalayan salt everywhere? It has a beautiful soft pink salmon color to it, making it a very inviting home décor to have. For health benefits, there are a couple of different ways you can look at it.

You can take Himalayan salt internally; it has less sodium content than regular table salt and sea salt. And also has a lot of trace minerals in it that help your body use it in a better way. Another Himalayan salt benefit is that it provides trace minerals that we may not get as much as we used to because of our depleted soils from over the years.

the happy healing shop himalayan salt benefits

Himalayan salt also helps replenish your electrolytes. Some people make their own electrolyte drink (ie. Gatorade) with Himalayan salt.

Now, there’s also a number of ways you can use and buy Himalayan salt products for your home as well. There are votive candle holders or Himalayan salt lamps that have a light bulb in it. It acts as an ionizer and sucks in the air around it.

The Himalayan salt lamp continuously sucks in the air and acts as a purifier. It helps to ionize your air, clear energy in your space, and also helps get rid of particles floating around that may be harmful to you.

the happy healing shop himalayan salt lamp

Now the cool Himalayan salt benefit is that you can see it working for a while after it heats up. Eventually, you’ll see some condensation happen on the outside which is pretty neat. It’s part of the process of sucking in the ambient air and purifying it.

A lot of people like to use slabs of Himalayan salt for food. Fancy culinary folks like to put their fish on it or present their meats on it.

Himalayan salt comes in a beautiful color which I think brings joy to people. I feel it’s good for the heart chakra, for love, and purification.

Also, those of you who are familiar with the role of salt in the mystical arts, salt, in general, is known to be a very powerful cleanser. It really stops negative energy in its track. It absorbs and gets rids of negative energy, hence why it’s used in a lot of rituals for that reason.

You might hear the stereotypical idea of putting a ring of salt around for you for protection. There’s a reason for that! It’s used to get rid of negative energy, cleanse objects, and cleanse crystals with it. It gets rid of any attached energies in it and purifies it like brand new.

So that’s a little bit about this awesome little chunk of crystalline here. I hope that was helpful for you guys to learn more about Himalayan salt benefits and how it’s much more than just sprinkling it on your food!

With Love And Light,


What ways have you used Himalayan salt? Let us know by sharing it with us on social media below!

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