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5 Crystals That Attract Love And Heal The Heart

Today we’re going to talk about crystals that attract love and heal the heart. There’s a number of crystals that do. Some of the more well-known are rose quartz, amethyst, green calcite, green aventurine, and jade.

Crystals That Attract Love amethyst

A nice way to use these crystals that attract love in your everyday life is through wearing it in the form of jewelry, which is very widely available. You can also put some tumbles under your pillow or make a gem elixir. You can even make a crystal grid that generates the crystal’s vibrational energy even more.

Rose Quartz

This crystal is probably the first one we’d start off with because it’s commonly used for matters of the heart: both in self-love and for attracting love. As you can see, it’s a very delicate, happy, and peaceful color.


This is a pretty strong multipurpose stone. It great since it transmutes negative energy which can help you overcome self-limiting beliefs that can prevent you from love that’s healthy for you. Because it can help with energy blockages you may have, you can meditate with it to help you open up for love.

Any Green Crystal

The color green resonates with the heart chakra. They also happen to attract wealth as well. Green calcite, green aventurine, and jade – which open your heart up and heal the heart – attract love and the right person for you.

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed a couple of our favorite crystals that attract love and deal on matters with the heart.

With Love and Light,


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