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6 Ways On How To Clear Negative Energy And Reduce Stress

After a hard day, whether that’s at work, at school, or with whatever you’re doing throughout the day, you may have built up some excess tension, stress, and anxiety. Here are six ways on how to clear negative energy and reduce stress in your everyday life:

1) Take An Epsom Salt Bath

Some of you may have heard of Epsom salt as something that’s associated with easing a sprain or bruise pain. Injured athletes also sometimes soak in an Epsom salt bath, but what’s interesting is that Epsom Salt has a very cleansing aspect to it. You can use salt to protect yourself & clear negative energy, cleanse your crystals, and cleanse your aura.

Taking an Epsom salt bath not only helps to provide your body with some magnesium which has a calming effect, but it also helps relax the muscles and energetically helps clear your aura of negative energy you’ve picked up throughout the day. Not only is your body getting a bath, but your energy field is getting one too!

Something I like to do is throw in some crystals. Make sure you use ones that are good for the water, such as quartz based ones like amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, and citrine. Throwing a few of those in there makes it an extremely calming experience. Of course if you’d like to light some candles and put on some meditation music, it definitely helps to add to the experience.

Now, if you don’t have a bathtub, you can also get a handful of Epsom salt and put it into a bowl before you start your shower. Have a bowl on the side and rub it on your body from head to toe. You can also add some of your favorite essential oils if you’d like. That’s another great way to get some of the benefits of Epsom salt and to also cleanse your aura.

2) Binaural Beats

We all know about meditation and how good it is for us, right? There are a lot of apps out there and free videos on YouTube for meditation. But something similar that can help you meditate and also help you shake out some of those things lowering your vibration are binaural beats.

It’s a funny sounding word, but binaural beats are an incredibly powerful tool to get your consciousness into a place where you can relax and have deeper thoughts, deeper sleep, relaxation, healing from traumas, reduce stress, anxiety, and the list goes on and on. Binaural beats are produced at different frequencies. There is a different tone in each ear that creates the binaural affect.

You can find a lot of it on YouTube. There are many artists that provide these compositions for free, so thank you to all the artists out there who take the time and energy to create these healing sounds for people; they are absolutely incredible.

You can listen to the beats by themselves, but a lot of artists who create these pieces sometimes overlay another layer of relaxing meditation music with the beats. It’s a very beautiful combination. I’ve recommended it to people who have trouble sleeping or are anxious, and they’ve come back to me and said how they’ve felt so much better and more relaxed afterwards.

towels candle spa the happy healing shop clear negative energy reduce stress

3) Sage or Palo Santo Yourself

Another thing you can do, is to sage yourself, which is getting a bundle of sage (found at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Amazon, etc.) You can also use Palo Santo as well, whichever you prefer or what resonates with you. If you’re not allowed to burn combustible substances where you live, you can also get smudge spray which encapsulates the essences of Sage or Palo Santo in a liquid form. All you have to do is mist it around your aura.

NOTE: Smudging with white sage has is a cultural/ritual appropriation by Native Americans. Please use other types of sage such as European or clary sage.

You can do the same with Florida Water, which is something I haven’t seen around as much, but it’s awesome and it also makes for a nice air freshener as well. It actually started off as a cologne at least 100 years ago and over time has turned into a cleansing agent for those who practice various metaphysical modalities. I really love it; I love to use it at the end of the day to cleanse my aura or if I feel like there’s some weird energy around my apartment. I just spray it around my space. So things like that can help to lift those burdens off the auric field and clear negative energy.

4) Singing Bowl or Tuning Fork

Another great way to destress is listening to a singing bowl, tuning fork, or even chanting tones. Different tones resonate with different chakras in your body. So for example, they sell tuning forks and singing bowls that are tuned to a certain sound, which is a frequency, which is a vibration. Those vibrations help to open up and balance those chakras. They’re also great for clearing negative energy and the space around you.

5) Crystals

Another great way to reduce stress and relax is with crystals of course. Not just in a bath. You can hold a crystal over your heart chakra, lay one on your body where ever you are comfortable, or hold one in your hand and meditate. You can ask the crystal for wisdom and call upon your guides to assist you in healing as you meditate.

6) Earthing Band

What is earthing? I could do a whole other post on that, but just to summarize: As a society, we are ungrounded. We used to work the land; we used to be more involved with plants and animals; we used to be barefoot and be more involved with the earth in a more literal, physical way. Now we live and work in high-rise buildings or in upper floor apartments and are surrounded by EMF’s from electronic devices (ie. smartphone & computer) all the time, causing us discomfort and lethargy. It’s all very hard on the body.

Grounding is basically making that contact with earth and it neutralizes energies that have built up like a static charge. It dissipates those energies very quickly. The earthing bands are one way, but there are also earthing mats and sheets too.

Even just having an earthing band on for a few minutes a day can give your body some relief. You can wear these at home or at work. I was actually in pain when I got my earthing band in the mail, and I had some skepticism. As soon as I put the band on, I felt a gentle tingling sensation and my pain dissipated.

(Fast forward video below to 08:45 to see Maria demonstrate on how to use an earthing band):

These are just a few ways on how to clear negative energy and reduce stress. Hopefully they’ll help you unwind after work and reset your energy for the next day.

If you do these things consistently and take this time for yourself, you’ll notice a difference overall when you’re faced with challenges throughout your day and how you cope with them: accumulating less stress, less anxiety, being less frazzled, nervousness decreasing - because you don’t let these energies accumulate. Imagine your energy filled, like an old school vacuum bag that is completely full. The vacuum can’t work properly until the bag is changed.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions on how to clear negative energy and reduce stress in your life. Try some of them out and let us know how it goes!

With Love and Light,


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