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Can Shadows & Demons Attach To You And Your Spirit Guides?

There's been some info floating around online and social media about demons attaching to people or to their spirit guides. We want to make it very clear: that's not what happens. People come up with this because they are either:

1) Scam artists who know how to prey on the vulnerability

2) Maybe they truly believe, because of their own (sometimes subconscious) fear and wounds, that what they're saying and doing is right

The reason why people think certain things are demons depends on how they project their own darkness outwards so that it feels like it's a demon. It's really an aspect of themselves they haven't dealt with yet.

Why Can't Demons Attach To Your Spirit Guides Or Angels?

A demon overpowering your spirit guides does not work like that vibrationally. We are in a higher vibration and so-called "darker or negative energies" are in denser dimensions, meaning we can overpower them. Your guides and your angels are in a substantially higher dimension, and their energy is far more powerful than any lower dimensional being.

If a lower-dimensional being came in contact with an angel or a guide, that resonance would be torture for them. It would be uncomfortable for a darker dimensional being to even come into contact with them.

What Makes A Person Think That Demons Attach?

It is very concerning that people believe they have demons as part of their spirit guides, that the demon has hijacked the person’s spirit guide team, and that their soul is trapped. Do not fixate on a demon that may or may not even exist. You must focus on what that is representing within you. You must work on yourself.

Even if it's some sort of negative being that has somehow been invited into your life, somehow, someway, you are resonating with that because there's something inside of you that you're still working through, and maybe that's a symbolic thing that represents something that you're pushing away inside of you.

When you remember that YOU have control over what comes into your space, what is a part of your life, what is part of your experience, and what you want to let into your path then there's no power. They have no power over you.

Who are the most vulnerable people? How can they stop this?

Some lower dimensional beings can prey on people who think they have no power. It’s like human bullies: they go for those who feel disempowered, who seem less likely to speak up, or seem okay to be stepped on versus the confident people who talk back and say “You can’t bully me, that’s not okay”.

They're like con-artists that bank on you forgetting that you're:

  • more powerful than them

  • you're in a higher dimension

  • you have more stability in this dimension than they do.

It takes a lot more energy for beings to come into other dimensions like ours, just like it takes a lot of energy for us to go into other dimensions. Whether it's lower or higher, it's actually painful to do that sometimes because the resonance shift is difficult. They're not in home field, we're in our home field plane here.

Very rarely, someone might encounter a dark entity, but by no means are they going to be more powerful than your spirit guides. If you perceive that’s what's going on, that’s because you've stopped putting your spirit guides first. You are the one making that decision, your spirit guides are not less powerful than a random perceived demon.

Your spirit guides will never be overpowered by a demon; that's just vibrationally impossible. The only way that could happen is if you decide purposely to stop listening to your guides and to listen to another energy. You have the power to stand around your guides. You can choose to listen to them or to listen to this other being instead.

You will know the difference between a spirit guide and a manipulative being that's dark because their energies will feel completely different. But if all you've ever worked with is dark energies, then you probably don't have a point of reference. That's why you need to do the inner work and get therapy to heal your old wounds. It's a lifelong process. There's no rush to do it, but ethically no one should be performing any services if they're stuck on this demon thing and haven't worked on themselves and their darkness.

Is Demon Removal As A Service A Real Thing?

I’m upset that there are people offering services about demon removal. To me, that's a projection of your own inner wounds that you are putting into the world. Now, because you want to validate your wounds, you're telling people that there are demons attached to them. Please don't convince other people that there are demons. They're probably not demons.

I've done readings on hundreds of people, and I've not seen one demon attached to anyone.

Imagine how disempowering it would make your clients feel when you tell them a demon or negative entity is attached to them. If you're seeing this during a spirit guide reading, there's a problem. You have to specifically state (aka set the intention) that those readings are specifically for spirit guides to come through only and that all other beings are not allowed to come through during that session. Also, you need to set your boundaries as a reader on what to tell a client.

The worst that I've seen is that there are dark beings hovering around people's homes. For example, I saw a being that was ancestrally attached to a certain family, because of something an ancestor did. It just kind of followed the family no matter where they went. However, this is very rare and it was NOT replacing their spirit guides. It was just a presence that hovered around and made people feel yucky.

How Should We Think About This Instead? What's The Right Way To Go About It Safely & Ethically?

Let's reframe it: Do these showup and tend to correlate with something? An emotion that your client is feeling that you're picking up on psychically? These kinds of beings that are manifesting with your gifts are not demons but the representations to help understand what's going on with that person. What you might be seeing is not demons but metaphors. You're maybe picking up on certain tragedies, traumas, or deep-seated fears in your client. Then the way your gift works is that it forms a being that represents those things symbolically. It might be symbolic and not literal.

For example, I used to see these little beings like they were demons. They looked like mannequin-type beings. I used to see them when I would meet someone. There would be this little mannequin in my head that would demonstrate to me how that person really was doing and how they really felt. If the mannequin in my head was curled up in a fetal position, I would know that they're trying to hide the fact that they're going through a devastating time. That demon mannequin image didn’t mean it was a demon or that they had a demon on them.

Be careful not to mistake the way your gift works for your own projection of things, such as demons. Also, continue to work on your inner self and do more shadow work. At the end of the day, you should have your clients come out with clarity and strength from a session, not of a place of fear or helplessness.

I do not want these readers discouraging other people from going into spirituality with a healthy openness. When they start talking about demons and how they’re going to pretend to be their guide or overpower their guides, it scares people away. People are going to shut down. Then they are going to pay for services such as demon or negative energy removal because they were provoked and think that a reader is the only person that can save them. This is false!

Encourage other people to explore their spirit guides in a meaningful way, without fear because guides do not bring fear. People also might not know that guides are very straightforward. They don't try to tempt you with these promises or give you a little ego boost. A darker entity might. Once you know these things, it becomes much easier to discern.

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