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How To Connect To Your Spirit Guides And Angels

Everyone, whether you know it or not, has spirit guides and angels with them. There are several ways to how you can connect to your spirit guides and angels. Keep in mind that you do not have to be a professional psychic in order to connect with these energies.


What's The Difference Between Angels And Spirit Guides?

Angels are a completely different type of energetic being. They have never incarnated as a human being. Angels are just names we give those energies. They're extremely high vibrational and very powerful beings that are guardians and keepers of the realms, basically.

On the other hand, spirit guides a lot of times have incarnated as some sort of being, whether it's from earth or elsewhere. They've had physical incarnations, and that's why they're more suited to help us with earthly experiences.

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What Are The Power Differences Between Angels And Spirit Guides?

Angels are more powerful; they have more duties and permissions. They are the ones that can interfere physically. They're the ones that can take the wheel of your car and redirect you back or push you out of the way of a car if it’s not your time to go yet. For example, you may hear a story where a person got in a car accident, got thrown out of the windshield, and the only injuries were scrapes and bruises.

I've talked about this once in a portal video, where angels can open up portals and move you. It happens so fast, you don't even know what happened because it feels like there was no break in time. Experiencing this type of angel intervention can feel surreal when they open up a portal and transport you.

A lot of people might say “Oh it's probably my grandpa in the afterlife who might have done it and saved my life”, but it actually could have been an angel. Grandpa was probably there trying to help too, but the angel had the power to do it.

Spirit guides will be more trying to guide you and you might feel or hear them say “Don't do it” or they'll try to surround you with energy.

Occasionally, family members and loved ones can manipulate things but again it's like a dance for them. No one can violate your free will at the end of the day.

There is a hierarchy and order on the other side; however, it's not driven by ego. It's driven by efficiency so that we can get all the help we can get, in the best way possible. It's not like a corporation; it's more because those are their duties. Both angels and spirit guides’ souls need to grow too. That’s another reason why it’s broken up in a hierarchy system.

Can Angels And Spirit Guides Can Protect Me From Evil Spirits?

Here's the thing: If it's in your soul contract to experience something like that, they can't violate your free will or your soul contract. However, what they can do is if you ask for help from them, it shows that you're aware and that you're willing to use your free will to empower yourself through a situation. If you ask them for help, they can give you support that doesn't violate your free will.

For example, let's say something is supposed to happen, because the trajectory for the rest of your life is set into motion because of this one moment, or experience that is going to cascade into the future. They can't prevent that experience from happening, but they can give you support to help you get you through it.

Now, if you use your free will and you're about to get hit by a car and it’s not supposed to be your time to go to the afterlife yet, an angel can jump in and move you out of the way or a spirit guide can be give you a gut feeling that says “Don't do it”.

They both are walking the line between your freewill and destiny, and they offer support in those gray areas.

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What does the hierarchy of spirits on the other side look like?

It's very complex and I'm still trying to learn it. What I have found so far based on the beings I’ve seen:

First off, there’s Source Energy, the epicenter that's the most powerful and it’s where we all come from. Then there are these concentric rings around Source Energy. Beings that are closest to that Source Energy have the most power, but it's not because they're better beings. They were created for those specific duties, so they may have that certain purity of not having had incarnated in human form.

I haven't fully figured out how to classify them, I'm only able to classify it in human terms people understand. There are several levels of beings that have not incarnated in human form, that go beyond just angels. There are beings I’ve met, like that one time Minerva came to me. She may have been above an angel, almost like a demigod, but not in the way that we think of, like the character in the movie “Thor”.

These beings can be considered almost like demigods, and that may have inspired ancient pagans. They really did see them as gods, but in reality they could have been extraterrestrials that had a lot of power, or they could have been actual beings that broke directly off Source Energy that were powerful. Then people interpreted them in a human form, just how people do with certain religions.

Then you have these very high-level beings that manage the angels. Then you have the archangels, and the angels that report to them. Those angels aren’t less cool or less awesome. Their vibration starts to bridge closer to us humans so they are able to handle more earthly things.

I see at least two or three different tiers that accompany each angel. To visualize, you can think of a department in a corporation where Archangel Michael's is the protection department. He's got the team of protection angel associates. Those angels have beings that they manage.

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It's hard for people to pick up on angels because they're very high vibrational. There are other beings that people might think are a spirit guide, but it's actually a lower-level type of angel, like an associate-level angel. An example of a story of an encounter with them is when someone says, “I was walking down the street and an old man came up to me. He told me this [really powerful thing]. Then I turned around and he was gone .” That’s exactly the kind of thing that those angels (associate level) might come down and do because they can manifest more easily here on earth for just a very brief time. They can't maintain that for very long because it's still very hard on their vibration.

There are several layers of angels starting from Archangel, but I have not fully fleshed them out. I'm sure over the course of my life, I'll start to hear and see more, but it's vast.

Keep in mind that we're no less than an angel or one of these demigod-like energies.

What Do My Spirit Guides & Angels Look Like?

As we talk about potentially seeing guides clairvoyantly, it's important to know that guides can be anything. They can represent themselves as absolutely anything. It really just depends on what you need to see.

For example, some people are more open to seeing the more unique forms of their guides, so their guides might look kind of like mythical creatures. If you find that’s too scary, they might change to a more human form that's more palatable for you at that time. Then as you grow, you might start to be able to accept them in a different form. You might feel that they're the same guide, but they can look different over time.

Angels all feel very different when I talk to them, they each look like different pure auras of color. I personally do not often see them as winged humanoid beings. Other people may feel more comfortable seeing them as pictured in religious scriptures, because that is aligned with their cultural point of reference.

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Are Some Spirit Guides Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away?

Loved ones can act as a guardian, but they