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Intuitive Abilities: How Do You Know If You Are Psychic?

Have you ever had an inkling that something bad was about to happen and it turned out to be true? You most likely have intuitive abilities, but sometimes you may doubt yourself and wonder if it was just wishful thinking or events unraveling was just a coincidence. In fact, your spirit guides may be trying to tell you something.

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How do you know if you are psychic after all?

There are many ways that show up in a person’s life that hint in the fact that they have psychic abilities. Keep in mind they come in many different forms such as healing, reiki, clairvoyance, psychic mediumship, and more.

1) Seeing An Unusual Shadow

Some of the common signs that show up for people as they move through life start in childhood when they are running to their parents to tell them that they saw someone in their bedroom. They might say, “There’s someone standing next to my bed” or “There are shadows standing next to me”. When the lights go off, you felt vulnerable like someone was watching you as you’re sensing the spiritual energies around you.

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2) Imaginary Friends

This is another big sign during childhood, as kids are talking to a spirit most of the time. However, parents usually dismiss it by saying it’s just an imaginary friend. As a result of this, children tend to suppress their natural intuitive abilities and gifts.

3) Strangers Talk To You

People or strangers have a tendency to gravitate towards you and tell everything about them. They tend to naturally come to you with their problems, even if they barely know you. Perhaps people are extra chatty to you in public places such as the grocery store. They are drawn to you, yet you can’t explain it or figure out why that is. It’s actually a sign of healing and that perhaps you’re an empath.

4) Your Senses Are Always Feeling Extra Sensitive

You might feel overwhelmed in crowds or public places. You can cry quite easily when you see someone going through a difficult situation. You may become easily agitated or sad, not knowing where it’s coming from, without know that you may be picking it up from other people’s energy. Just make sure to shield and protect yourself from it.

There you have it! These are some of the very common signs you see with people who have very spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities. We hope this helps you discover that you may be psychic after all!

With Love And Light,

Maria & Trang

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