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Crystals For Psychic Intuition

Welcome to another crystal blog post! In this post, we’re going to talk about crystals for psychic intuition, ones that bring out your natural gifts. These are some great and powerful ones that are also pretty popular:


Selenite comes in slabs, wands, tumble forms, and more. It’s one of the highest vibrational crystals you could possibly get your hands on. This crystal is great for energy clearing and cleansing and you can sweep over your aura and space with it. It also cleanses and recharges your crystals.

Selenite will help raise your vibration so you can access the higher realms more easily. Maybe you want to communicate with angels, your spirit guides, or get in touch with your higher self. For mediumship, selenite really helps set up your body to be in a more high vibrational state, making it one of our favorite crystals for psychic intuition. Keep in mind, selenite doesn’t resonate with everyone.

the happy healing shop purple crystal for intuition


Quartz is a multipurpose powerful stone that can really help with your psychic intuition, by opening up your crown chakra. It’s pretty awesome and remarkable with what they can do; you can get a lot of insight from working with these crystals.


Purple colored crystals, such as ametrine (a combo of amethyst and citrine crystals) are really good for your intuition and psychic abilities. I highly recommend working with them to raise your vibration and to give you great insight, especially if you’re into the mystical arts and are trying to hone in your skills.


This is another great stone to help increase spirit communication and your psychic intuitive abilities and connect you with the higher realm. It’s an extremely calming and very relaxing stone to have, which is always a nice plus.

Lapis Lazuli

This is a gorgeous royal blue or cobalt blue crystal with hints of gold. It’s incredible for opening your third eye chakra and I’ve heard that some people like to tape this to their forehead and go to sleep with it in order to open that chakra. You can also meditate with it and put it under your pillow at night.


Fluorite can come in a variety of colors, including green and purple. It’s great for communication (which helps with spirit communication) and telepathy.

These are just some of my favorite crystals for psychic intuition that are awesome to work with if you’re looking to hone in those abilities. Hopefully this has been helpful for you!

With Love And Light,


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