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Talking To The Dead: How Does Mediumship Work?

In this post, we’ll be diving into mediumship and psychic medium readings. In simple terms, it’s talking to the dead or those who have passed in the afterlife. What exactly can you expect when you go in to talk with a medium, a person who can speak to those in the afterlife? How does mediumship work?

There’s a lot of confusion and misconceptions in general on what mediums do and how their “powers” or abilities work. People think of the movie “Sixth Sense” or the TV show “Medium”, so there’s a number of pop culture references that I think have cemented how mediums work. However, with talking to the dead, mediumship is actually a very abstract art.

Different mediums have different strengths in their abilities: clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and clairvoyance (clear seeing), just to name a few. They’re different for each person. No one medium is alike and one can’t expect all mediums to all react the same way or give a message the same way.

What To Expect In Mediumship Reading?

All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. One of the biggest things to understand is that when a medium is tapping into the spirit world, they are talking to people who have passed on. Some can tap into other entities. It’s not always cut and dry (aka simple) at all to contact the spirit.

Sometimes if someone’s recently passed, it may be difficult to channel them in because they’re still settling into the other side. It’s a process to transition sometimes, depending on the soul. Some souls feel they’re ready and good to go. Sometimes things are really sudden and they’ve had struggles with what the afterlife is for them, so it might take some time. As a result, they might not be ready to communicate yet or they’re still trying to learn how to communicate.

How Do Spirits Show A Medium What They’re Trying To Say?

Different spirits have different ways of communicating, just like how humans communicate differently in life. Some people are talkative. Some are more reserved; some people have trouble with words, and there’s a whole set of challenges when trying to communicate with our lower vibrational existence here (and they’re in a higher vibrational system).

mediumship meditation purple third eye opening

It comes in a variety of ways and depending on your gifts, it’ll come in differently from each medium. There are so many factors to consider when that communication happens with talking to the dead. For example, Trang’s grandfather is very used to communicating with. He was a palm reader so I feel he’s have had a grasp of that world. I think it makes things easier because he had that openness to communicate. I’ll hear him clairaudiently (he’ll say some words, partial words, single words) and clairvoyantly (he’ll show lots of imagery – photos, images, lights, floating symbols, short video clips) and I’ll have to piece it together.

Some spirits I can’t quite hear as well, or they’ll sometimes send me more feelings and sensations in my body instead. It depends on the spirits, as it’s a huge range. There are a lot of factors to consider, but it’s not literally like in a movie or TV show where you see a spirit in front of you and there’s a crumb on their cheek you can point out. It’s not that clear to everyone all the time, if ever. Sometimes I have to try to understand their communication style.

It’s good to know when you talk to the dead that it’s important to understand not all spirits communicate the same way and there are barriers when you’re trying to do cross-dimensional communication, as different vibrational frequencies are happening.

We hope this has been an insightful post for you to understand the realm of how talking to the dead and how mediumship works!

With Love And Light,

Maria & Trang

PS - Check out our Youtube videos to see an example of a real mediumship session.

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