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The Top 11 Questions I Get Asked As A Psychic Medium

After many sessions, we get asked the same questions about psychic mediumship and all things metaphysical, so we decided to make a video about it!

Without further ado, here are the top questions I get asked as a psychic medium:

1) What happens after you die, what does the afterlife/heaven look like?

2) What do people do on the other side in the afterlife?

3) After hearing about what the afterlife is like, why should I even bother living?

4) How did you know you were a psychic & a medium and what it was like growing up with it?

5) Can anyone learn to be a medium or a psychic?

6) How do you get & receive psychic info and what does it look like when spirits talk to you?

7) Do bad people go to the bad place/hell?

8) Do demons & devils exist?

9) Are fairies gnomes, trolls, leprechauns, and other fantasy creatures real?

10) How do people deal with the body of a loved one, what happens when the body is not buried the way they originally wanted it?

11) Are Ouija boards evil?

With Love & Light,


Thoughts? Questions? Let us know what you think and share it below on social media. We'd love to hear what other questions you may have for us!

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