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How Do You Know If You're A Natural Psychic Medium?

Here are some signs that you could be a natural medium:

  • You had a lot of child paranormal experiences

  • You had imaginary friends growing up

  • You saw deceased relatives, other beings, or people in the room at night

  • As a kid, you could sense those types of other beings

  • You have psychic abilities or strong intuition where you're able to know things about people.

  • You may "know" when someone's dying or about to die, or maybe you have dreams about it.

  • You're able to kind of communicate with other beings; you don't have to be able to see them but you may feel them or just know they're there.

  • When someone died, you might know or sense things in your body that isn't yours (ie. your heart hurts and your friend's grandpa died from heart disease)

At the end of the day, people can have mediumship gifts but not practice to be an actual medium. They can have the ability to be one, but they don't choose to develop it. The development is really where the mediumship natural abilities become functional, and then they can actually control them better. Then you can dive in deeper if you do choose to develop these mediumship gifts further. Then more usually open up and you'll be able to find different techniques to actually see the spirits better and to communicate.

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