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5 Spiritual Signs Of Awakening and How to Cope with the Symptoms

Have you been feeling lost, exhausted, and even completely disconnected from your life lately? As if you were outside of your body, watching yourself on autopilot but weren’t actually connected to the world around you anymore? Or perhaps you’ve been fantasizing a lot about leaving everything behind and starting a new life? If that’s the case, you could very well be experiencing a spiritual sign of awakening.

And, the reality is that you’re not alone.

Indeed, the last couple of years have seen a rise in spiritual awakenings fueled by unprecedented traumatic events. Besides, as fast-paced lifestyles and stressful self-imposed daily routines are becoming the norm, the world is slowly turning to spirituality in order to cope.

So, to help you better understand what is happening to you, we’ve put together this guide:

  • We’ll first define what a spiritual awakening is

  • We'll highlight five common signs you might be going through one.

  • We’ll also deep dive into the seven stages that characterize the phenomenon.

  • Finally, we’ll provide you with four powerful tips to help you cope with the anxiety and changes that come with a spiritual awakening.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a slow, gradual process. It occurs when a person becomes aware that their existence transcends the confines of the “I” (or the ego). As you experience spiritual awakening, you’ll begin to understand that nothing external can bring you true happiness.

You’ll start questioning the way you live, your habits, your beliefs and wonder what the purpose of your life is and why you’re on Earth. You’ll feel compelled to take a deeper look at the fundamental nature of life. Your consciousness and perception of reality will begin to shift.

Many of us go through life pursuing money, power, success, or fame, burdening our souls with the relentless quest for more in an attempt to find happiness.

As a result, we trap our souls in a conditioned reality, living our lives by a system of beliefs and opinions created by others. A spiritual awakening can, therefore, be interpreted as a cry for freedom from our souls. When it happens, your mental framework will start to shift.

And as such, a spiritual awakening marks the beginning of your initiation on the spiritual path. Going through the process will allow you, eventually, to live a happier, more meaningful, and fulfilling life.

Why Does Spiritual Awakening Happen?

A spiritual awakening is a natural way for your soul to evolve and mature. So, it is a necessary part of your expansion. The more you connect to your soul, whether by accident or on purpose, the more you’ll shift your mental framework and experience fundamental changes and transformations.

There’s no way to plan spiritual awakenings. They simply lurch into your life, shaking up everything you believe in and perceive as reality. However, they can also be triggered by traumatic events.

Indeed, a number of things both external (triggers) and internal can activate the spiritual awakening process, including:

  • Life-threatening illness

  • Car accidents

  • Divorce

  • Death of a loved one

  • Midlife crisis

  • Meeting a special person, reading a special book, or hearing a certain expression that particularly resonates with your inner self during a difficult time of your life.

Yet, spiritual awakenings aren’t always triggered and can also be spontaneously initiated by your consciousness when you’re ready to let go of what no longer serves you anymore.

5 Signs That You Are Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

Even though there is no exhaustive guideline or list when it comes to spiritual signs of awakening, many people go through similar experiences. For instance, they start asking themselves similar questions. And two of the most fundamental ones include: why am I living my life this way, and what is the purpose of my life?

In addition to questioning life and reality as you know it, here are five signs that you’re going through the awakening process:

1. You’re Less Interested in Small Talk

Not only are you less and less interested in superficial talk and are looking for more meaningful conversations and deeper connections, but your tolerance to petty arguments is also decreasing. You want your time to be spent on positively charged exchanges with others. You’re also becoming more understanding and less judgemental of others making gossip unbearable. You understand that everyone is on their own journey and you’re developing a strong feeling of love towards all things in life.

2. You Want to Help Others

Another sign you could be experiencing a spiritual awakening is that you feel the need to be of service to others and create a harmonious community. You’re also increasingly feeling compelled to defend and fight for specific causes such as human rights, fairness in the workplace, the protection of the environment, or animal wellbeing.

3. You Feel Disconnected from Your Life

Because your consciousness and perspective are shifting during spiritual awakenings, you’re starting to feel disconnected from reality as you know it. And the feeling of separation or detachment is becoming unbearable. As a result, you’re struggling to find happiness and pleasure in your experiences, relationships, and lifestyle as you feel trapped in a dual reality.

4. You’re Increasingly Curious

You want to become a sponge, soaking in the knowledge of your teachers as much as possible, and absorbing all the information you’re reading in spiritual and self-care books. You’re also opening up to new ideas and perspectives. You want to try new hobbies, practices, and rituals, and explore new relationships to quench your thirst for more.

5. You Need to Find Meaning in Life

You’re questioning the way you’re living your life and are wondering what your deeper purpose is. You might also find that others are not on the same wavelength, leaving you upset and frustrated at first. But as time goes, you’re finding that you don’t need their acceptance or approval anymore and are perfectly happy to live in line with your spiritual beliefs.