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10 Grounding Techniques to Help Calm Your Body and Mind

Have you been feeling a little bit overwhelmed recently? Or perhaps you’ve experienced panic attacks and high anxiety levels in the past?

You’re not alone. Yet, regardless of the negative feelings you’re experiencing and why you’re experiencing them, grounding can help you calm down quickly. Indeed, grounding is a therapeutic technique that can allow you to electrically reconnect with the Earth, the here and now, keeping you grounded in the present.

So, to help you calm down when feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, we’ve listed below 10 simple grounding techniques you can incorporate into your day:

1) Touch the Ground

Close your eyes and imagine the feeling of the warm sand between your toes or the grass beneath your feet. Isn’t it relaxing?

One of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to walk barefoot on mud, sand, grass, or any natural surfaces as it will allow your body to absorb negative electrons from the soil, relieving stress, releasing excessive energy, and bringing you back to the present moment.

2) Touch a Tree

Another easy ground technique to tune into the Earth is to touch a tree. Trees are rooted in the Earth, so they have the same healing energy as sand, mud, or grass. And touching trees can be a great alternative in colder regions where you don’t necessarily feel like walking barefoot in the snow.

Touching a tree grounding techniques

3) Meditate or Do Breathwork

Grounding exercises can be as easy as focusing on your breath. Indeed, conscious breathing can help calm your nervous system down and bring your mind and body back in the present by allowing you to focus your energy on your breath and how it moves through your body. Besides, regularly practicing breathwork can also allow you to experience intense physical sensations, increased alertness, and clarity, and even achieve emotional catharsis.

TIP: Sit still in a comfortable position and in a quiet room, feet firmly on the floor and your palms down resting above your knees. Breathe in for three to five seconds, hold at the top and breathe out for three to five seconds.

4) Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a quick and powerful tool to calm your nervous system. Sandalwood, black spruce, lavender, or cypress essential oil can help lift your mood and soothe your mind and body. You can dilute them in your bath, apply them on your wrists and behind your ears, or use an essential oil diffuser to envelope your home with their calming scents.

TIP: Be careful to always mix them with carrier oils such as coconut or jojoba oil when applying directly onto your skin to avoid irritation.

Essential oils grounding techniques

5) Observe your Surroundings

Observing your surroundings, noticing colors, smells, and sounds can be extremely soothing, helping you get in touch with your senses and ground you in the present. It can be as simple as listening to the gentle sound of leaves rustling in the wind, feeling the sun rays on your skin, observing the birds dancing in front of your eyes, or noticing and zoning in on the feeling of a warm cup of tea in your hands.

6) Move Your Body

Moving your body is another excellent grounding technique. And the great thing is that you don’t have to hit the gym every day. You can do simple things such as walking your dog, stretching at your desk for five minutes, or doing some yoga in the morning. Pay attention to how your body feels with each movement and the sounds around you to pull your wandering mind back into the present moment.

yoga grounding techniques

7) Pet Animals

Petting dogs or cats have been proven to have great therapeutic benefits, helping you relax and reduce your stress levels. Focus on each stroke and how it feels, or listen to your cat’s purr and soak in their healing energy.

8) Sound Healing

Some sounds can help calm your mind, bring your attention back to the moment, and help you shield yourself from negative energy and thoughts. Some great sound healing tools you can use include sound bowls, chimes, gongs, or tuning forks. Focus on the resonating and long-lasting sound of chimes, gongs, or sound bowls and concentrate on the vibrations spreading in/through your body.

9) Do Household Activities Involving Nature

Being close to nature and performing nature-related activities such as gardening or growing plants indoors has been proven to have therapeutic properties. Indeed, nature-based activities connect us to the Earth, bringing meditative awareness and peace.

10) Use a Grounding Cord or Mat

A grounding mat or a grounding cord enables you to establish an energy connection that flows through your body down into the Earth. In fact, the cord or mat acts as an anchor, keeping your body safe and helping you release negative energy from your home.

We hope this post has given you some inspiration and will guide you in your grounding journey. While this list is not exhaustive, it compiles some of the easiest grounding techniques you can incorporate into your everyday life. Try to do this every day, even if it’s just for 10 to 15 minutes, in order to unwind, and allow your mind to calm down and steer it back to the present.

Ever used any of the grounding techniques above? Let us know in the comment section below which ones you’ve tried!

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