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Message From: Minerva, Of The Guiding Light on Love, Pain, & Fear

Psychic Medium, Maria Hill was contacted by the light-being known as Minerva one day while taking a walk. She had no prior contact or knowledge of Minerva before being contacted. Minerva asked if she would channel a series of messages for her. Here is the first of the messages received from Minerva, though the technique of trance channeling. We hope you enjoy her message.


I am Minerva of the guiding light.

(An aurora of light)

We of the 7 realms wish to speak with you today, of our love for you, of our acknowledgement of your pain, of your fear of what’s next for you in your day to day lives, and for the future of this world.

We are here to comfort you in your time of fear. We understand there are many changes happening on this earth, but they are all of the light, we are moving forward with you into this new realm of earth existence.

There are energy portals opening throughout the earth in which vibrational frequencies of higher magnitude are coming through to help assist with the transition of earth through the ascension process. These portals carry light codes, which are transmitted to every inhabitant of earth— plant, animal, organisms of all sizes and shapes being raised to this higher frequency of light.

We understand your worry and your pain and your sorrow. We know changing can be difficult— it can bring up shadows. But we want you to know this is all part of the process of purging old energy and letting in the new energy.

Imagine oceans of beautiful light pouring into you on a daily basis. There are clashes with the current frequencies currently residing in your body—passed down from ancestor to ancestor, and these frequencies do cause discomfort as they rise into a higher place of a higher vibrational frequency.

There is all but frequencies of light permeating every single material and non-material aspect of the universes. There is a golden seed in your hearts, of light, that is growing in strength and magnitude, filling you with healing and love.

You can say this prayer or mantra when you are feeling overwhelmed by the process of transition:

I am a light of infinite magnitude

I am a light of infinite love

I am a light of infinite possibility

I harness the wisdom of the universe in my mind body and soul

I am the manifestation of the greater source energy at large

I am the love of all and the love within

With me carries ultimate feeling, transmutation, pure love and light form all levels of being and knowing

I am all and all is me.

People are trying the best they can to understand this process of transition with knowledge of earthly means. It’s not wrong, but it can over-complicate the process. It’s a very simple process but it can make you of the earth planes feel complex emotions and complex ideals.

There is processing that happens of these ideals through the older ancestral patterns of knowledge but this will change and these will grow, into simpler means, simpler ways that transcend old ancestral patterns of understanding and will morph into more of a knowing; a knowing inside of the depths of your soul. A knowing so deep it cannot be quantified, or calculated, or measured. It is a knowing that bursts from the center of your being, a knowing that illuminates from your heart center. A portal of knowledge of all that is, was and ever will be. To all manifestations of time and place. It is, it is, it is. It simply is.

We are not above you we are not out of reach. We are with you as you transition. You just have to know that we are beside you. We are putting energy forth so that you may absorb and learn and transmute. This is part of the process, this is part of our assistance to you.

I am one of many beings who has come forth into this realm as it is needed. Moving through space and time to help you move through space and time. There is no limit to the healing you may reach.

Simply think of us of the Seven Realms. We are the many forms of light. We have technically no form, but you may wish to see us as you please–you may see us as is most comfortable for you. We have all of the love, all of the comfort, we bring forth to you. From source, through source, for source to you.

People have chosen to see us as many different manifestations and interpretations over many eras. We are simply facets of light. We are facets of unlimited light. You are also a facet of unlimited light.

Just know that you are never alone in this endeavor. This is part of your journey.

Your body is changing. Your DNA is changing. Your aura is changing to reflect the changes from the depth of your soul.

Do not trap yourself in a limitation of construct. Simply focus on feeling and the feeling will turn into knowing. Feel the vibrations of light within you, feel them resonate through every inch, every aspect of your physical being. This is how light is. - Minerva (Of The Guiding Light)

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