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5 Easy Ways On How To Use Crystals In Your Life

Today, we’ll be talking about five easy ways on how to use crystals and bring them into your life. There are many ways to do this, and most of them are quite simple!

1) Wear It

Some of the things I like to do is to wear them in the form of jewelry, such as bracelets. Keeping them in your energy field is key.

2) Sachet It

Another way on how to crystals is to make sachets out of them by putting crystals in them. You can even mix it with herbs or lavender to bring a nice fragrance to it.

the happy healing shop  how to use crystals gems on a quartz stone

3) Sleep Or Meditate With It

You can tuck crystals under your pillow when you sleep at night to absorb some of those good vibes.

4) Drink Or Bathe In It

Another way on how to use crystals and incorporate them in your life is to create a gem elixir or gem infusion. Add non-water soluble crystals (ie. quartz based ones). You can drop them in some water and leave them overnight. Then take out the crystals, and now you have energy-infused water with the positive vibrations and attributes of the crystal that you can ingest.

Additionally, I really love to have crystal baths where I put some Epsom salt & bentonite clay and drop in some crystals. I just drop a bunch of them (you can buy them in bulk on Amazon) and soak up all the good vibes in my bath as well!

5) Carry It On Or Around You

Another thing you can do is take a simple stone and keep it in your pocket. You can also place them on your house plants, which is a great way to incorporate crystals in your surroundings.

We’ll be going over some more ways you can use crystals in other posts but these are just a few quick ways on how to use crystals and how you can incorporate them easily into your life.

With Love and Light,


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