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Crystals For Good Health

Today we’re going to be discussing crystals for good health. Many people want to improve their general health conditions and there are a lot of crystals for this. These are just a few that are powerful and multipurpose that I personally use and enjoy:


Again, I keep bringing up this crystal in our other posts because it’s kick ass. It really does help diffuse negative energy and blockages in the body, keeps everything moving smoothly.

Crystals For Good Health - candle


This stone overall is great in general for having good health.

Black Tourmaline, Jet, & Onyx

These crystals help ground the body. We can get ill when our auric field is overburdened with toxic energy, things that attach to us. They help the body work more smoothly.


You can get these crystals in tumbles or many other different forms. It’s beautiful; it has this red color, kind of rusty iron color. This is great for your overall health system, keeping your body working right, keeping your organs working correctly for blood disorders and for pain. It’s a great go-to stone overall for general health and to overcome physical ailments.


Citrine comes in a variety of yellows. It’s great in general for removing blockages and emotional health as well. It’s a great joy stone, overall helping the body run more smoothly.

Rose Quartz

Quartz, specifically in this color, is good for healing the heart and any emotional blocks. Many green crystals do the same as well, as it’s the same color as the heart chakra.


This crystal is another great one to have around for good health. It’s really easy to find since a lot of jewelry comes with turquoise.

These are just a few examples of the many crystals that can be used for good health. Hopefully, this is helpful for you guys!

With Love And Light,


Which crystals have you tried using? Let us know by sharing it with us on social media below!

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