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Which Crystal Is Best For You? (How To Choose From Shapes & Sizes)

Welcome back to another crystal post. Here, we’re going to explain how to find which crystal shape is best for you!

In this example, I’m going to use amethyst. It’s a very popular choice and does a lot of different things. Amethyst also comes in various forms. When you go to the crystal shop and you see an amethyst in all these different types of shapes and compositions, you might think: which one is best for you? Well, that depends on what you’re trying to do with them!

Clusters Or Geodes

If you want to diffuse negative energy in a space, clusters or geodes are amazing because they are made up of many small points, pointing in many directions. They move energy in all different directions which distribute energy in a bigger space. They’re also good when you have a lot of technology around and there are a lot of EMF’s coming off your computer & phone and you feel that space needs an extra positive energy charge.


Points come in many different sizes. They can also be called “record keepers”. Points are great for going deeper inside yourself, such as honing your intuition. They can also help you retrieve information spiritually, connect you to higher plains, help increase your intuition, and gather knowledge.

The way the facets are composed of these points is different, and they can be generators for crystal grids. I like to use these for energy healing and trace symbols on someone when I’m working on reiki. They’re good in general just to have around or if you want to work with them in your practice or on yourself.

Clear Crystal quartz point


Tumbles are great if you want to keep this somewhere in your car, pocket, or under your pillow. They come smooth & polished or in a rough form. I sometimes throw them in my baths or make gem elixirs.


This is a great way to incorporate it into your life without even noticing that it’s there. The longer it's on your body, the better. Jewelry puts you in contact with the crystals’ vibrations easily.

Those are just a few ways you might see crystals presented. Just think about your needs and select the crystal that's the best choice for you!

With Love and Light,


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