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Crystal Grids: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Today we’re going to talk about crystal grids, which is a really fun tool to help magnify the power of crystals to help with various aspects of your life. Imagine them as being little power generators that are constantly pumping focused positive energy into your environment, so that you can manifest quicker whatever it is that you’re looking for. Crystal grids vary and there are many ways to use them. The basics design you’ll usually see them in is in a sacred geometry or pattern form.

Where can I find a crystal grid?

You can find printable ones online when you Google search for “sacred geometry”. If you prefer, you can also buy cloth ones on Amazon.

crystal grids; The Happy Healing Shop Lady Holding Crystals In Her Hands

What do you use crystal grids for?

You can make a crystal grid for anything you think of. You can use it for healing an ailment, prosperity, bringing in wealth, manifesting love, and more. You can actually use this to keep your home clear of any negative energy and help bring more creativity to your life. They may look complicated at a first glance, but you don’t have to always use ones with intricate patterns.

I had a crystal grid in my room for manifesting good health. Not only did my health improve during this time, but there were a number of stones on it that were also for prosperity and wealth. A lot of job opportunities came up, and I had a lot of prosperity during that time.

How do you use a crystal grid?

You’ll usually need a variety of stones – some are repetitious and some are not (see the video above for examples of layouts). Usually, a generator stone (this is usually a larger stone, with a point) is placed in the middle and takes all the energy from the grid and shoots it into your space. I recommend using your intuition to create one, but you can also check out the crystal grid books for ideas to help you.

You can put crystal grids under your bed, next to your desk, anywhere to be honest! I like to use double-sided tape to keep the crystals in place on a grid.

Go ahead and give it a try and let us know how it goes for you!

With Love & Light,


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