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Crystal Selenite: Its Powerful Cleansing And Healing Properties

Crystal Selenite is one of my favorite of all time. I think everyone should have it in their home because it’s a remarkable stone. Why you may ask?

First of all, selenite has healing properties. It’s incredibly high vibrational which really helps to break down those blockages in your energetic system. Selenite helps release old emotional wounds and bursts open those blockages you’ve built up over your life. I can’t stress enough how this crystal is an incredible tool for that.

the happy healing shop selenite heart shaped crystals

It’s great to even lay with selenite on your body and meditate with it. I feel it emanating through every cell of my body. Here’s a fun little trick with selenite’s healing properties: if you have a migraine, you can place it on your forehead and set the intention, or even if give it a little squeeze in your hands, and it will give you a quick burst of pain relief.

You can use selenite on any part of your body too. It’s great for clearing your aura and sweeping all the impurities out of your area. It’s great to do this at the beginning and end of your day.

Keep in mind with some crystals, you can place them in your bath to soak up the good vibes. However, selenite will dissolve and breakdown when it comes in contact with water.

Second, selenite is a recharging crystal. I actually like to lay my other crystals on selenite to be cleansed overnight. It can be used to clear your tarot cards too and keep out any negative energy.

I hope this helps you understand more about selenite and its amazing cleansing and healing properties! You’ll see selenite usually as a stick/wand, block form, or even as candlesticks. They come in tumble shape too, which makes it portable for carrying around in your pocket or purse. You can find selenite on Amazon, Home Goods store, or at your local metaphysical store.

With Love And Light,


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