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What Are Portals & How Do They Work?

Today I wanted to do a little something different and talk about energy portals & vortexes and how they work. The reason I wanted to talk about this topic is that I had two occurrences happen very close together, which I felt was a sign for me to talk about them!

First, one night I was talking to my partner at The Happy Healing Shop, Trang. She asked me about portals because she was using dowsing rods at home and she thought there might be some portals she discovered and wanted to know more about them. As I was explaining, Trang mentioned “Oh, we should’ve made this a video or a recording because there’s so much information here!”

Then 1-2 days later, I was chatting with my parents about portals because my dad’s really intrigued by the ideas of portals and vortexes. I started to automatically channel and all this portal information started coming through again!

I thought it was just a little synchronistic that I would get two very intensive portal conversations of channelings very close together like that, and that’s what this post will be all about!

Why Do Portals Happen?

One of the ways my spirit guides showed me, is portals opening up like vents, for Earth's energy. It’s a way of dispersing the energetic stresses in those regions and creates a relief for the earth so energy can flow in and out. Earth benefits from that kind of energy circulation to keep herself balanced, strong, to have vital energy!

What Happens When A Portal Does Open Up?

Different things, such as spirits, ET's, multi-dimensional beings (to name a few) can come through a portal. Also, there can be distortions in the perception of reality around a portal, as well as strange anomalies. It could be a positive or negative energy. A lot of times, if there was something horrific that happened in an area, and a portal has opened up as a result of the concentrated energies, there might be more incidence of negative rather than positive because that’s the dominant vibration of that area.

portals and vortex - night sky

Are Portals & Vortexes The Same Thing?

What I was shown, is that a vortex can be a portal, but a portal isn’t always a vortex. An example of an area that is both a vortex and a portal, is the Bermuda Triangle.

A vortex is something that has a lot of energy coming in and out of it. Basically, the vortexes are bringing in an intensive interdimensional energy. Vortexes are more permanent. They’re more built into the architecture of an area. It’s not uncommon to find portals appearing near, or be attached to vortexes. A great example is Sedona, Arizona.

Vortexes can be significantly larger than a portal. It can take up a huge area such as an entire city or, the Bermuda Triangle. A portal can be fairly small for example, a few city blocks or one that is slightly larger than a human being. I've seen portals that are even smaller—a little larger than a basketball.

Portals, while they do have a lot of power and energy, they can also be more of use for transportation sometimes, like the Bermuda Triangle. With a portal, you can actually travel through dimensions with it. It’s an opening in space and time and they’re not always permanent. Portals can come and go.

A portal is like a person. It has its own characteristics and personality. No two portal are alike. Certain types of beings who are more advanced than us may know how to use something like a vortex/portal for transportation and harnessing it in ways that we don’t know how to do yet.

portals and vortex - night sky

How Does A Portal Open Or Get Created?

What I was shown, there are many different kinds of portals. They can be opened for a variety of reasons such as:

1) There’s an intense concentration of energy in a certain area.

This either at a moment where energy is so intense, that it can cause a distortion in space-time. For example, there’s a tragic event that happened to the masses, such as an area of heavy war, death, or disaster. The collective energy coming through that area was so intense that it caused a kind of distortion or tear in the space-time fabric. If there is a portal that opens up in a certain area, like at Gettysburg, it can cause a lot of strange, supernatural phenomena. It can also attract certain energies to it because portals and vortexes tend to attract energy due to the strength, power, and energy distortion that happens.

2) More advanced beings

Some have learned how to navigate these portals and they use them too (as shortcuts you could say) and they can use them to harness the energy and create portals.

portals and vortex - night sky

3) A person that has a very strong energy field around them can open it up.

For example, someone with very strong psychic abilities may have a very powerful electromagnetic kind of energy coming off of them. Sometimes they’ll walk by and some electronics won't work well, things will move across the room, etc. I’ve personally experienced this quite a bit so I'm very familiar with these types of distortions and I've seen a lot of portals open up next to my bed at night, which is always very interesting to watch.

4) Beings can open up portals.

Let’s say, higher dimensional beings that are trying to help you out, such as your guardian angels, can open up a portal around you to help you and save you.

5) Someone can open up a portal energetically by using their intention and willing it to open.

For example, they may try to get in touch with certain types of spirits with an Ouija board and use it incorrectly and don’t close their session. Not protecting yourself and not having the right intention can open up an energetic portal. If you're trying to use an Ouija board or do anything like that, you want to make sure you have protection, always ask for things of the highest good, and ask your angels and guides to watch over the session.

portals and vortex - night sky

6) If someone is really, has dark energy, or maybe they're violent, aggressive, and abusive.

Those energies can open up a portal due to the very harsh energies. In addition, you have additional intense energy from the people who are victimized by them. With these extreme emotions over time, it can create strange anomalies in space-time, and it’s left behind as residual negative energy. Then the next person who moves in can have some strange things happening because there are certain energies that have been attracted to that darker energy coming through that portal, which will require the new person closing it down and clearing it out.

7) Another way portals can occur is by natural forces.

When you’re talking about the Bermuda Triangle, it has a ton of energy going through it, and that can cause weird interference but there’s also a portal aspect to it, so people can get lost through that portal and enter other dimensions. Perhaps a ship sinks there because of the intense power and phenomena that happened around there, or perhaps it slips into another dimension.

portals and vortex - night sky

I was shown this really interesting movie or video diagram. There are areas of the earth - when it cools and matures – where different geographic elements and natural forces (via weather, tectonic forces, etc.) that can cause there to be excessive stress on a certain area. These are where a lot of geographic anomalies occur.

Over time, these anomalies stretch and pull in this dimension that we’re living in, within an entire space-time fabric. Extreme forces of energy are being pulled in opposite directions, up and down, diagonally, and in a number of potentially erratic ways. The forces are so consistent and strong that eventually, portals can open up because of the consistent stress in that area.

Imagine if you had a piece of cheesecloth that has all those fibers. If you stretch and pull it enough over time, consistently over and over again, eventually, a weak spot will form. That weak spot will eventually start to tear and become a hole. When there's a hole from our dimension, it can lead to other dimensions (because there are other dimensions stacked on top of our dimension). We just can't see it, but energetically a portal will open from our dimension to others.

portals and vortex - night sky

That’s why you might hear of phenomenons in certain areas around the world, where people walk around and then they’re somewhere else (Ie. went back in time or they're in the same area but they don't recognize any landmarks, the plants look strange). Then, they somehow make it back, and everything's back to normal. People might get dizzy, sick, nauseous, or blackout and forget where they are or what happened to them. They may see extraterrestrials or some other strange interdimensional being that they don't recognize.

The person may not understand what's going on and might not feel very well due to the unusual amount of force being put on their human body, and they start to disintegrate physically, mentally, and emotionally as they're stuck in this process of crossing dimensions. Think of it as a broken scan button on your radio which usually cycles through radio stations for you. Imagine the scan button is stuck and it just keeps cycling. It stops for a little bit and then cycles again, but it makes no sense and has no pattern. Then you don't make it back through the portal, in earth’s dimension in your time.

Don’t be afraid since as this rarely happens! Don't start thinking that you're going to fall through some portal somewhere and never get back home. More often, people can temporarily walk through an area around a portal and experience time distortion, that distorts the things around it, so you can experience lapses and time loss.

portals and vortex - night sky

Can Portals Be Closed Up?

It’s not bad to have a portal in your home or around you. There are just more energetic variances that happen around those portals. You can close some smaller portals, that are not created by Earth, with a strong intention, and a variety of other rituals, but it can be difficult to close the bigger ones. There are some portals I was being shown that had been around for so long that they kind of have rooted themselves and have grown and expanded over time.

You can also set boundaries around the portal so that the contents of that portal are not affecting you. Again, intention is powerful. It’s all about intention. You can use Reiki to close the portal. You can also close your eyes. Set the intention that you are closing the portal for the highest and greatest good of all involved and removing anything out of your energy field that no longer serves you. Imagine a white light coming from your hands, sealing off the portal. Afterwards, ground yourself by washing your hands with water.

This is an interpretive art, so hopefully, I have made it clear and given enough metaphors and visuals because it’s a very complex topic. Let me know what you guys think or if you've had any insights on portals or if you think you have one in your home or area!

With Love And Light,


What are your thoughts on portals and vortexes? Let us know by sharing it with us on social media below!

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Lisa Hoffmeister
Lisa Hoffmeister
24 jun 2021

I had a couple of small portals open in my front room. I filmed it. It looks like small angels with their wings fluttering, many tiny orbs and a matrix of energy around the hole where energy was streaming out from a place in my carpet. I had just saged so the smoke made everything easier to see. I told my walking partner about it and she came iver and closed them with sea salt and water with a chant. Should I have done that? It did get rid of a creepy energy that had been tormenting me. Thoughts? Want to see?

Me gusta
Contestando a

You don't need a ritual, it's great but not absolutely necessary to close a portal. You can set the intention to close it yourself. You can also set boundaries around the portal so that the contents of that portal are not affecting you. But It’s all about intention. You can use Reiki to close the portal. You can also close your eyes. Set the intention that you are closing the portal for the highest and greatest good of all involved and removing anything out of your energy field that no longer serves you. Imagine a white light coming from your hands, sealing off the portal. Afterwards, ground yourself by washing your hands with water. And remember, not all portals are…

Me gusta

theresa conaway
theresa conaway
01 jun 2021

I really appreciated this video. I a m psychic and an Kinda just learning as I go. But I keep coming across what I was told were my spirit guides And opening up to it And things keep falling into place. I see and feel energies all the time but tonight I felt something that was very strong but could tell it wa s a different kind of energy on the wall above the 100 year old piano I just bought. Of course curiosity killed the cat and I climbed up and put my hands on it. I traveled down a long blue tube and remember moving very fast. then my entire body went limp and all th…

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thank you so much for sharing! We are so happy that this blog post could help and put you at ease. We're excited that you're tapping into your abilities and exploring them. We are wishing you luck in this new adventure of living on your own!

Me gusta

I believe a portal opened up in the woods behind my new home in the last few months. Some entities and low vibrational beings have been attempting to attach themselves to me and have been hanging around the property. I find it scary/stressful and energetically exhausting. My mom is a very knowledgeable medium and i am also psychic. Neither of us know much about portals though so this was very helpful. If you happen to see this then I'd love any advice you can give on how to keep myself and my space clear and

Me gusta
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