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Crystals For Anxiety, Worry, And Stress

Today I’m going to be discussing some crystals that are great for anxiety, worry, and stress. Most of us can relate to feeling bogged down by this. It could be from work, personal issues, or a variety of things but at some point, we’ve all experienced it. I’m going to point out some crystals that can help you with this.


Amethyst is one of the most utilitarian crystals. It’s great for a lot of things and transmuting negative emotions, clearing the energy around you, and renewing you with positive feelings.


I’m including this crystal because it’s a very high vibrational stone but it’s used for a lot of other things. I think the color is very calming. The energy to me feels very soothing, so I would also recommend this crystal as well.

Crystals For Anxiety, Worry, And Stress

Black Tourmaline, Onyx, & Smoky Quartz

These stones are good for anybody to have, especially for stress & anxiety. Not only are they protective but they are also very grounding. A lot of times, not being grounded can cause extra anxiety and stress. They help you connect to the earth’s energy and keep you protected from other negative energies floating around in your environment.


For mental illness, lepidolite is a really great stone. It’s interesting looking and somewhat has the appearance of candy. But lepidolite can be also good for bipolar and anxiety. It actually has a component in there that is found in bi-polar medications actually. It has lithium naturally occurring in it, which I find really interesting.

Orange Calcite

In general, the orange calcite has a very calming energy. Sometimes, I’ll hold it for a very long time and I can feel my stress melting away. It’s also really good for mental illness, anxiety, worry, and stress.

Tigers Eye

Not only is it protective but it increases confidence which can help with anxiety. It’s a very grounding stone that’s gorgeous to look at with beautiful streaks of gold color, which I feel has a spark of positivity in them.

These are some crystals that I personally would suggest for you guys. I hope this helps you choose crystals that are best for you to release some of that daily anxiety, worry, and stress in life!

With Love And Light,


Which crystals have you tried using? Let us know by sharing it with us on social media below!

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