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How To Protect Your Energy & Have Psychic Protection

This is a phenomenal question, and I have interfaced with the scenario on how to protect your energy many times in people’s readings. What I often see is a vulnerability that gets set up, usually due to cultural perspectives on something. For example, if someone grew up in a family that said, “People can curse and hurt you by their energy, or the devil's messing with you”, it creates an opening for someone to think that they're vulnerable.

What ends up happening is that they end up lowering their natural protection through those thoughts, and then they can experience negative psychic events or circumstances.

I'm excited for humanity to evolve past that because it is so unnecessary to put that in people's heads from the time they're young because we are all very powerful beings.

Your are capable of protecting your energy without even really thinking about it; it's all about intention. Whatever you're focusing on, you're going to attract more of it.

Some people don't even believe in negative spirits or negative energies, they just go on about their day. They could live in a haunted house and not even be aware if something flies off the shelf. However, if you say, “I'm vulnerable. The devil is going out to get me. There are demons everywhere,” then you’re actually telling your energy fields to open to those experiences. You're telling your environment to be unsafe. You're telling the universe to deliver those experiences to you.

The very first thing I like to say to people is that if you have a belief system where you're going to be harmed by energy, you become vulnerable; you're already setting yourself up for difficult experiences with these energies. Over time, you can work to release those.

Here's the thing; you're not alone.

protect your energy lit sparkler in hand

A lot of cultures have that mentality, and it gets passed down from generation to generation. That's why you might see things that seem like generational curses where someone may say, “Oh, a Gypsy cursed my family hundred of years ago.” Just the seed of someone in the family saying that can cause it or actually make it happen, even if it's not true.

They'll put that seed in your head, and then you're going to tell someone else in your family. Then they're going to go tell others until the whole family will start to believe and say “Because this lady told us, we’re cursed.” Then you're going to start experiencing negative things that make you feel cursed. This is why I get really upset with phony psychics that say things like “There's a curse on your family” because it's just not true.

You need to learn to eliminate these limiting beliefs of “I’m so vulnerable”. No, you're very powerful. Your energy field is powerful. Your soul is infinite.
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How Can You Create The Intention That You're Not Going To Attract These Negative Energies And Experiences?

First of all, it's not in your reality. Set the intention that you're always protected. Set the intention that negative beings can’t even come near you; it’s just not in your reality. Set intention that only beings of the light can be around you. That's it.

You can say “I only work with energies of the light I only bring in things for my highest good.”

Even though I'm a psychic medium, and have spirits around me all the time including those standing around my bed, I still haven’t encountered any harmful spirits or entities. They’ve mainly been curious beings or beings from other dimensions. I haven't experienced demons because I don’t open myself to that.

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I Seem To Be Drained By People's Energies Or By Certain People I Hang Out With. Why Is That, And What Can I Do?

Some people, commonly in empaths and healers, are born more open and have large energy fields. Unfortunately, other people are energy vampires or really “negative Nancie’s” that are stuck in that rut. They subconsciously sense that energy from those empaths and healers; they see it like food and want it because they don't have enough. As a result, they're subconsciously always hunting for the next person to drain.

The only thing that drives them is that they know they feel better when they talk to certain people. That’s how they hunt. They don't mean any harm. It's just that they don't know how to be because they haven't learned how to reestablish their own energy flow and how to recreate good consistent energy.

Also, people who are naturally sensitive might have a massive energy field, but when they get around groups of people they might feel so drained because they might have people tapping into their energy field subconsciously. I see that a lot with people who do a lot of energy work because that actually is an important lesson for them because in order to work with a lot of energies; you need to learn the boundary between your energy and someone else's. The same goes for the psychic or energy vampire. They need to learn the boundary of their energy and someone else's too.

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As part of your journey of understanding your abilities and your energy, you have to learn to reinstate your boundaries.

It’s really as simple as saying before you go to an event or hang out with someone, you can say “My energy is my own, and others are not permitted to take my energy. My energy is protected. No one can hook into it. It's my own energy.”

You just have to balance it out. Now on normal occasions when your life is going pretty well and you're feeling pretty good, it might be easier for you to do that. However, let's say you have a streak of unfortunate events (ie. getting laid off, having an injury) and now your whole mental state is affected, which then what does it do? It affects your energy, and it affects your aura. You might temporarily become an energy vampire because now you’re not creating enough of your own energy because you're operating in a lower vibration.

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It's really about understanding that you're in charge of your energy. If you get to a place where you're feeling more low vibrational, you might become more vulnerable because you're not intentionally empowering yourself anymore. As a result, you might be opening up your energy system for others to hook into unintentionally. Then you might be thinking “Why am I having all this bad luck and bad events?” It’s because you haven't given your energy field in your environment a chance to rejuvenate because you've stuck yourself in this lower vibration, which is going to happen to everybody in their lives, several times.

You can regenerate, even if you're injured or going through something difficult. For me, having a chronic pain syndrome that's incurable taught me it doesn't matter what my body's doing: if I'm feeling pain, I still use mental strength to heal faster, to stay empowered, to stay positive, and it puts this nice energy field around the body so that I could have a miraculous level of healing. I've been told many times by my doctors that the speed at which I heal when I have flare-ups is unheard of.

For example, when I get a flare-up, my brain immediately goes positive, instead of going negative in my brain. I've set it up immediately to go to healing positive thoughts, happiness, jokes, and laughter. I go right there instead of going to the opposite because I know the opposite will kill me.

protect your energy sign saying mindfulness

It’s similar to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) where you exercise your mind with when a negative thought or emotion comes in, you associate it with a more positive statement so your brain doesn't go spiraling down that rabbit hole.

You're reprogramming your energy in your mind. A lot of the energetic stuff does start in our minds. We do have powerful minds. Our minds are so powerful that we can destroy ourselves with it, or we can make superhuman advances with it. It's up to us.

If you're struggling to feel that power, just know it's going to take time. Sometimes it takes you more time than other people, and there's nothing wrong with that. Don't compare yourself to how someone else's is managing their energy.

Also, don't be fooled with someone who's pretending to be all together and saying “Look how positive I am”. The fact that they have to display that every day, showing it off means they're actually not. Don't let social media fool you. Don't let what other people are doing fool you.

You have to really focus. It’s okay to be selfish in this aspect, because this is your life, your body, your soul, and you have a right to set a standard for what you want, what kind of energies you want to work with.
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If you do drop down to a lower energy, and you're experiencing some negativity, it could possibly be an experience that is a part of your soul growth, but it's not permanent. You just have to go with the tides and flow with the times.

No one is going to be able to maintain their energy in a perfect way all the time. Some people escape into things like video games. Some people may escape into spiritual practice and isolate themselves, where they don't want to face and actually learn their lessons as a human being.

Facing up these scenarios is the best thing you could do. Do not avoid what's coming to you. You have to learn how to work through it or else it could come back and you're going to have to do it again. You might as well make a partnership with it.

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Ok, I’m Setting Intention, But What Are Methods Or Modalities Where I Can Train My Psychic Sensitivity?

This is a great question, and a lot of people want to know how to do this. There are a lot of different ways out there that you might see. A lot of them can have very complicated visualization techniques and meditations and maybe it'll work for you. Maybe it won't.

I'm a fan of simplifying things to their essence as much as possible. I think a good place to start is to just being observant of your environment: observe what's around you, be the observer, all the time. Observe the interactions you have. Observe how you feel about things. Observe the thoughts that come into your head at all times of the day, because that's how you get your guidance. Then you're going to start seeing patterns show up. You’re going to see some numbers maybe show up, you're going to see some symbols, some words, some experiences that keep showing up.

protect your energy observe blue eye
Be the observer and watch the patterns of the universe. See the matrix as it's put together.

If I were to tell you how to do this meditation with certain symbols and other rituals that I just made up, it's distracting you and actually disempowering you from learning your own gifts, power, and your way from learning how you as an individual, observe the world around you.

The thing that differentiates someone who is more spiritually adept, someone who’s trained more, truly is really from the power of observation and awareness. When we're distracted and we're in robot automation mode just blazing through life doing the same things every day, we're not observing.

When we become the observer, we experience the full richness of reality, of our individuality, and our perception of things.

How do you feel when you're around certain people? How do you feel when you're by yourself? How do you feel when you watch certain movies or shows? How do you feel when you see certain colors? What information do you get when you meet a new person or animal? When you look in your house, do you feel certain energy when you look in certain corners of your place?

protect your energy female chic tarot cards with crystals and phone background

All these little things are psychic information, but we just ignore it because we're so convoluted with the intensity of the human experience that we forget that humans are actually naturally psychic beings. All these modalities such as tarot cards and divination tools, I recommend them all the time, but that's not where you start. That's like the next step in building and finding a path that feels right to you, and you may not always end up, interacting with those divination tools.

With Love & Light,


How you experienced being sensitive to other people’s energies? Or maybe you found a way to protect your energy? We’d love to hear about it. Click below to share your thought with us on social media!

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