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Which Intuitive Psychic Ability Do You Have?

Many people don't know they have psychic abilities. Instead, they brush their intuition aside, thinking it's a personality trait that they were born with. Contrary to popular belief, portrayed in movies and the media, psychic abilities come in MANY different shapes, forms, and sizes. Did you know that most signs come in very subtle ways?

There are actually SIX different types of intuition and psychic abilities; they are also known as the 6 "Claires". You might find yourself checking off some symptoms on the list down below and didn't realize that you were using them!

Note: These are based off of when there are no medical health explanations on why are you experiencing them.


This is the intuitive ability of “clear seeing”, being able to see visuals of the past, present, or future from your third eye. This is the stereotype that most movies and TV shows portray. However, it's not cut and clear as seeing a ghost floating right next to you. It can include seeing images, short mental videos, numbers, letters, flashes of light, symbols, mist, fog, colors, orbs, and shapes in your mind or even shadows out of the corner of your eye.

If you don't have this ability, do NOT think for a minute that you are not psychic or intuitive! Many other psychics don't have this ability, yet they still receive messages through their gift of feeling, sensing, or "knowing" things (scroll down for more details).


This is the intuitive ability of “clear knowing” (aka divine knowing, drop-in insight, or inner knowing). This one is tricky because a lot of the signs that come with this gift are mistaken by people as a personality trait instead.

This person may be more analytical and may not come off as if they're into woo woo things.

Do you usually find yourself saying "I don't know, but I just know somehow..."? This is a huge sign of having the gift of claircognizance! While you are deep in thought, you might get a flash of insight about how to solve a problem. You get ideas, solutions, insight, aha-moments, and/or answers while doing active meditation without realizing it (ie. while driving a car, showering, working out, washing the dishes, folding laundry, vacuuming, reading, etc.)

You can also have this “knowing” feeling on what someone is like; you might have a hunch about a person or idea without knowing much about them beforehand.


This is the intuitive ability of “clear feeling” or “clear sensing”. When you hear people say they get a "gut" feeling about something, this is that particular psychic gift kicking in. It's common to have been told that you’re an empath to people’s emotions & energies; you even might have been told that you’re too sensitive by others. At times, you can feel someone else’s mood, emotions, and feelings (such as sadness and anxiousness) to the point that you confuse it as your own. You might've struggled mentally and emotionally in school or at the workplace because you've felt people’s anger, hurt, sadness, negativity, happiness, and moods all day.

Other signs of this gift are that you've thought of someone and sensed that you could feel what they were feeling. You can also feel it in your

gut when someone is lying or telling the truth.

You might've felt physical sensations in your body that were very obvious to you such as the stomach feeling twisted, feeling sick, nauseous, or getting

chills especially if something doesn’t "feel right”.


This is the intuitive ability of “clear hearing”. With this gift, you may be sensitive to noise at times. Loud noise (ie. TV on high volume or

loud parties) can bother you, make you feel irritated, or give you a headache. You sometimes find yourself needing quiet time to feel grounded and to decompress.

Another subtle sign that many people don't know about is when You hear buzzing, ringing, or a high pitch sound in your ears sometimes, that

appear to come out of nowhere (and there is no medical cause that you have). That's most likely a spirit guide, angel, or loved one saying hello. When in danger, some people have reported hearing someone say "Stop!" aloud but turned around to see that no one was there.


This is the intuitive ability of “clear smelling”. Yes, this psychic ability and clairgustance (see below) are two "claires" that people don't realize are psychic gifts. People have thought they were going crazy smelling things out of nowhere!

With clairalience, when you think of a specific person you might get a distinct smell. People with this gift may receive the smell of a deceased loved one's cigar, perfume, recipe, or a dish they used to make. People can smell a distinct scent that normally wouldn't have a smell such as happiness, an illness, or danger. We even had a person said they smelled pregnancy before!


This is the intuitive ability of “clear tasting”. Just like clairalience above, this is another ability people didn't realize was a gift they had.

With this gift, you might've tasted energy and feelings before (ie. sadness, depression, joy, etc.). Some are able to predict things like weather (ie. being able to predict rain based on a taste you get in your mouth). When you think of a person, you might get a certain taste in your mouth. Perhaps, you're able to taste a favorite food or drink from a loved one who has passed away, such as the brownies your grandma always made.

Finally, many people have asked us, "I haven't used my gifts at all, and it's been years. Are they suppressed? Is it too late to turn them back on and develop them?"

The answer is NO! It's never too late! Like any other muscle in your body, it requires patience and practice to strengthen over time. All psychics started out somewhere, and over time they learned to listen and hone in on their intuition and you can too!

Wondering which of the six intuitive psychic abilities you have? You can discover this by taking our FREE quiz here!

Are you curious and looking for a safe place to learn and develop your intuition & psychic gifts? Check out our "Develop Your Intuition & Psychic Ability Course"!

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