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Oracle Cards: A Sneak Peek of Some Of The Decks We Use

You may have heard of tarot cards but there are also oracle cards. Oracle decks are great to start off with when diving into the art of practicing tarot. In the video below, Maria shows and explains examples of three different oracle decks.

Angel Indigo Cards

This deck is great for people looking for some clarity on things, for some encouragement from the universe.

Angels & Ancestors

These oracle cards are really versatile, have lots of imagery to work off of, and has the most diverse artwork we’ve seen.

Psychic Tarot Deck

This deck has some references to the traditional tarot imagery and chakras. It also has beautiful messages and it still leaves it up for interpretation.

You can find these at your local Barnes and Noble store or online at Amazon. When picking out that special deck for you, make sure you pick one that resonates with you. Look and hold them in your hand or maybe you might see one know just know that’s the one for you. Go with your gut!

Getting into the art of tarot doesn’t have to be daunting. Oracle cards are great to ease into since it leaves it open for you to interpret, the artwork is beautiful, and the messages on the cards are very encouraging! To see an example of an oracle cards online reading, check out our video here.

With Love and Light,

Maria & Trang

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