Which Reading Should I Get? What's The Difference Between Tarot, Psychic, And Mediumship?

A tarot/oracle card reading can be a great tool for getting advice and seeing and exploring different options for issues in life such as life transitions, career, love, etc. Maria can dive deep into the energies by seeing them in the cards. It’s a more analytical method, as you can see the data in a more visual way by using the cards as the main tool.

With a psychic reading, Maria can tell how a client is, what their health may be like, and what challenges they may be struggling with. It’s good for getting a baseline on what's going on and clients can be given recommendations that Maria sees, based off the client's energy. This reading is less structured compared to a tarot/oracle card reading. It’s a fuller reading of everything and can touch various topics, whereas tarot can cover usually only 1-2 topics in-depth in a session. Maria gets more in-depth about their energies, gifts, talents, their path as well as tap more into her psychic gifts. A psychic reading takes more energy for Maria to do compared to tarot/oracle, as she taps into a lot of her psychic gifts and senses in her body.

With mediumship, this is where you talk to your spirit guides and/or loved one who passed away You can still ask about career, relationships, etc. just like you would in a tarot or psychic reading, but the answers would be coming from your loved ones in a mediumship reading (instead of from your cards or Maria's senses). This is the most immersive experience for Maria's body and most taxing on her energy.

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