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I've Had Weird Things Happening To Me. Can You Explain What's Going On?

READER'S QUESTION: I've had a couple of significant "episodes" and events. I took a tour of a haunted hotel. In one certain room, All of a sudden I felt an overwhelming hot flash, dizzy, shortness of breath. It left as quickly as it came on, and I moved on from the moment. Upon reviewing my images, I realized I captured 2 spirits on camera in that room.

In another incident, I visited a very old building. I looked up at the shop and my heart started racing, I had shortness of breath, hot flashes, dizziness, and slowly blacking out. Are they tied to energy & spirits or are they from anxiety and panic attacks?

Thank you for sharing your stories. I feel you are definitely having psychic episodes in both of those instances. When I walk into a place that is very old and haunted, I almost blackout and get very dizzy as well. Many people have a spontaneous spiritual awakening later in life. I do feel your senses will continue to open up. Also, you are probably also picking up energies all the time, they are just not as extreme as those other experiences. As a psychic medium, I am not often picking up on that intense type of energy, but realize other more subtle energies. Tune in and see what other senses might be stimulated as you go about your day!

READER'S QUESTION: All my life I have seen spirits, shadows, smelled different fragrances, have been empathic, and could locate people's bodily problems through the warmth in my hands. On several occasions what I saw (for lack of a better word) was a demon. I’ve even awakened and known if I were to open my eyes and had seen whatever it was, within 5 inches of my face that I would die. Has anyone else had this feeling of death upon opening your eyes?

You are not only are a natural psychic medium, but also a medical intuitive and a healer! What beautiful gifts you have. Most psychics' abilities are passed down through family lines. We know how difficult it can be at times to try to explain what we are experiencing to others though. I have spirits and other types of beings standing over me or by me in the middle of the night all the time. I never really feel threatened, mostly just startled. But if you are feeling threatened by this being you describe or any others, it could be a lower-dimensional being that is just trying to scare you. You can absolutely put a protective energy shield around you when you sleep by visualizing your entire home is protected in a bubble of light, and set the intention that only beings on the highest divine love and light are allowed to interact with you.

READER'S QUESTION: Everyone I am ever around for a long period of time becomes very attached to me. For example, both of my dogs follow me around 24/7 and have serious separation anxiety whenever I’m specifically not around. Also, all my children have been the same way since birth, and need me 24/7. Is there something about my energy that causes this codependency?

You have a very healing nurturing energy so people and animals are going to gravitate towards your energy because you make them feel nice, safe, and nurtured. It’s really important with this gift to learn energetic boundaries and also physical boundaries to make sure that people are not taking advantage of your kind and nurturing energy. A lot of people who have this kind of ability are empathic and therefore can absorb a lot of energy from others as well, so you can imagine a shield of light protecting you from other people's energies. You can also be sure to not get sucked into people who seem to be using you to support them all the time because it can be very draining on your energy. People with empathic abilities tend to attract those who have weak energy fields and need to take it from others, so it’s important to make sure to create boundaries for your physical and energetic health.

READER QUESTION: I’ve just been having weird energy shifts. I feel blocked; there’s a lot of negative energy plus drama around me lately and I’ve been trying to clean the house per se with my aura. Something feels off and I'm so confused. I don’t know what else to do.

So sorry to hear that you've been having some funk in your energy! Keep in mind that being as sensitive and psychic as you are, the whole aura for the world is off right now, so you will be picking it up heavily more than the average person. I personally have been feeling this as well. It's very normal to feel this during this time of upheaval. Picking up on this amount of energy can make you feel blocked because your energy is being so tapped out by millions of energies, all resonating at a certain frequency at once and the anxiety the world is feeling. Overtime, it will get easier to deal with big energies like this. The key is setting boundaries in a way that resonates with you. During times like this where energy is so intense on a large scale, please be sure to do extra self-care, grounding exercises, assert boundaries daily, removing toxic people from your life, and resisting the urge to connect with them when they try to connect with you. Energy cord cutting can be a good exercise to deal with toxic energies as well. Don't forget to check out our other articles on how to have psychic protection and deal with negative energy!

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Ana Ordonez
Ana Ordonez
Apr 22, 2021

Thank you so much for these informative Q&As! I am, however, wondering about sleep. I am sensitive to energy and am an emotional person but things get stranger when I sleep. As a child I slept walked and talked and I've always had vivid dreams filled with symbolism and supposed spirits and guides reaching out. I sometimes astral project as well but due to a negative experience I had years ago, I fight it and never like to do it. What is the purpose of any of it? Should I keep fighting it or submerge myself in it? I'm just not sure why I'm so sensitive and what am I supposed to do.

Replying to

I noticed the more I learned about my abilities and was embracing them (and not fearing it), the less resistance I got. Being open and using my abilities now and meditating are better ways to have the energy released instead of it being pent up. I recommend meditating and exploring the psychic realm of things and to be in touch with your abilities to see if that will help! You can always set an intention before going to bed as well to receive messages from spirits and guides and keep a journal to track if any new symbols/messages come through.

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