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I've Been Having Weird Vibration Disruption Issues. What's Causing It?

READER'S QUESTION: I've been having weird vibration disruption issues recently and my doctor is having me rule out things (ie. home appliances) or other things that might be causing me to feel these vibrations. My partner doesn't feel anything, but I feel the bed vibrate and can't get any sleep. It's been going on for a week. What's going on?

I've had this for many years in the past. A psychic medium told me once that spirits were trying to get me to awaken to my psychic abilities. I searched online and saw it was a worldwide phenomenon that seems unresolved.

In between states of my sleep, I was able to catch the vibration and noticed it was coming from my own energy actually, like my body was giving off a frequency that has built up. It happens to people who have psychic abilities (whether or not they know that they have it), and at night it can release and cause the bed to shake.

I noticed the more I learned about my abilities, the less it happened. Being open and using my abilities now and meditating are better ways to have the energy released instead of it being pent up. I recommend meditating and exploring the psychic realm of things and to be in touch with your abilities to see if that will help!

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