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Coronavirus Update: Will There Will Be A Cure?

We know the rapid spread of Coronavirus (update & cure for it) is a hot topic at the moment that is on the minds of many of our listeners and readers, so we asked Grandpa & Maria Hill's spirit guides some of your questions:

TRANG: I am very excited to talk today about a hot topic that's doing pretty much the whole world knows about Coronavirus update. I know that you have been receiving messages because they keep you know sending you stuff. I'm sure they want to share the world. To everyone that's listening in or watching, usually, we talk to my grandpa in the afterlife but today we're also talking to Maria's spirit guides. To explain for those who don't know what spirit guides are, imagine having a board of directors except they're in the afterlife, in the spiritual world. They're usually trying to guide you to do certain things to help you out to get on the right path. Alright, let's just dive right in. Just to start off: What do you have to say about the Coronavirus in general? Anything you want to start off with?

MARIA: There are so many aspects to this. Why this is happening is in order for us to evolve to the next level, we have to overcome certain things and unfortunately, we can only do that when faced with something that causes us to feel a certain way, like fear or panic. It's really for us to learn how to respond in a better way to these things because the world is continuing to shift, and we're going to have a lot of uncomfortable things happen in the next so many years. We'll get through it, but it's more we need to change the way we think. One of the things they said was that the coronavirus is one of the many tools that's happening or being deployed, I guess, for the shift for Mother Earth. Mother Earth has these natural ways of re-balancing and participating in our reality; it's not independent of us. We're all experiencing it together. The animals, plants, humans the microorganisms, like everything in between, we're all experiencing this shift, and Mother Nature knows what she has to do in order to keep everything balanced and to keep going to a higher vibration.

There's gonna be a lot of uncomfortable things that happen in the next several years because of our adjustment period. Humans really haven't been learning how to work together well. We've become very individualistic. We have let fear take over us, and in America, we can really feel the impact that it's very divisive, and people don't think clearly. We're like fear zombies. The coronavirus is here to teach us a lot of different things and one of them is community. One of them is reaching beyond fear. It's about overcoming the fear and still being a functional society, being able to find creative ways to still live in harmony amidst a pandemic.

For example, one of the things they keep telling me is that your energy attracts and repels certain things, depending on your vibration. So if you're in the fear vibration, you're attracting more things that are harmful to you because even on a biological level your body is releasing stress hormones, which then lowers your immune system which then makes you more vulnerable to contracting any kind of illness whether it's a virus bacteria or some sort of condition. That's kind of key here: those who are freaking out and freaking others out and causing more hysteria are actually lowering the vibration around their communities. While it's completely understandable why everybody is freaking out, they're very compassionate. The spirits we have, the beings we have watching over us and other dimensions, are very compassionate about the fear and they completely understand.

We should take this very seriously, but it's also a way for us to learn how to come together during tough times and to think unselfishly outside of our own fear mechanism. It's actually a chance for us to evolve to another level and to come and learn how to see the global thing is a big part of it. It's because it's a global pandemic and we are always strategically trying to one-up other countries. You know, as like as a globe, we're all countries are always trying to be elite. They're trying to make sure they're secure. That's how we've been reacting as human beings, but when you have a global thing that we all share together at regardless of your ethnicity, your race, where you live and it's affecting everybody in all ages, that's a tool to learn how to overcome those dividing factors of how we see each other.

TRANG: I collected actually some questions from our readers. How did it [Coronavirus] come about?

MARIA: I'm not seeing that it's man-made. It feels actually organic. It's Mother Earth kind of influencing the evolution here on the planet and she's like a generator and an incubator for these things. Wow, this is crazy, okay, so probability waves or probabilities collapse when Mother Earth puts out a certain energy. When there's a certain collective, certain collective energy, it can create a vibration and where things can manifest, so it's almost like a collective vibration has manifested the opportunity for this virus to change its utility, to shift to humans. For example, I feel like it's been around for a while. It's kind of dormant, maybe amongst animals or just like that but because of humanity's vibration it [Coronavirus] kind of just turned into more like an uglier form of itself and started spreading. We weren't aware of it because we didn't need to be aware of it. It's almost like I keep seeing this image of like a football game and then I see the benchwarmers all sitting down the bench, and then nature falls upon it. "Hey, you're in."

It's actually balancing because we see this in animal populations, but we perceive it completely different because it's not us. We perceive it as something very natural when it happens in an animal population. If that were to happen to humanity it would be absolute panic and hysteria. We're not exempt because we perceive ourselves as more intelligent and more evolved. We're animals and our energy is affecting the earth. Sometimes we need certain lessons in order for us to evolve and when humanity really shines is when they do get through something bad together. That's when humanity kind of shows another evolution point. Then we get calm for a while and then we get selfish again. New generations are born and they didn't experience it. Everyone's happy and whatever but right now we're kind of experiencing like one thing after another after another because of the vibration is shifting so high on earth.

They want me to talk about this just because I know from a human standpoint it sounds kind of like kind of Darwinism. We have to think outside of the individual and our personal fears. It's about where is humanity going and what do we need to learn from this. Buying up all the toilet paper is not how we evolve; it's how we go backwards. You're gonna see some very interesting things happening. You're gonna see in news reports, how people respond. It's gonna be completely polarized: on one hand, you're gonna have people coming together and helping each other out and not caring if they personally get infected because they want to make sure the community is taken care of. Then you're gonna see people using the resources, being selfish, fighting, and that's the low vibration that is encouraged. You're going to see whose still staying with that negative vibration with how they react to this Coronavirus.

What I'm seeing is that it [Coronavirus] looks like it was originally waterborne at some point. Look guys, I'm not a scientist. This is just information they're showing that I'm interpreting; this is just the vision they're giving me and it looks like it festered. It was in a concentration in a certain environment and it does feel like it ended up...that's how it got into the bats. Maybe in the water supply.

TRANG: Is Coronavirus likely to be on a similar death scale to the Spanish flu?

MARIA: Wow that's a really interesting question. It feels like it could get close because of the society we live in now. We're very global, so before we were flying across the globe and being able to take transportation across the globe easily, they're showing these diseases were more contained. It could affect an entire population of that region right of that continent, but it would really be more limited as its effects on continents that were further away. Because we're so global and because people are taking trips and flying all around, we're gonna have a bigger toll.

TRANG: How much more widespread is Coronavirus going to get?

MARIA: It's going to continue to spread for a little while more. I'm seeing the next couple months or so, it's gonna kind of keep going up. It's going to peak and then it feels like it's gonna start plateauing, maybe in like two or three months (June). It feels like we're kind of hitting the bubble bursting like it's kind of hitting the peak coming up soon in within this month and in the next month and then it feels like it's gonna go down. It's interesting; it feels like it's not gonna be something that's lingering going on and on and on. It's almost like it hit us fast and hard and we're gonna learn these lessons and then it's gonna move on. It's interesting but if we don't learn from this... if we don't as a collective change our ways like then that vibration will match another potential disaster.

TRANG: When you say if we don't learn, are you referring to the lesson of coming together as a community?

MARIA: Yeah, it's about yeah becoming more communal. Basically what's happening is that the vibration of selfishness is not really a match anymore for where the Earth's vibration is going. There are certain things that just cannot coexist so these things are kind of like fast-tracking people to kind of expose those parts of them. They can learn from it and then they won't react that way the next time. So people not supposed to live... it's not that their vibration is too low. Their time to go was during this time.

TRANG: Are people underreacting, overreacting, or reacting properly? And is media overhyping?

MARIA: That's a really good question and it's a couple of different answers. There's no consistent or fun answer to that because it's all of it. I'll give you kind of like their PSA for Coronavirus. Okay, take the suggestive precautions: you know it's the way we stay sanitary, the way we limit our close contact person to person, and making sure that we are keeping our areas clean.

However, they're saying one of the most important things to remember is your energy.

That's the most important thing in all this. Yes, it's not that it's wrong to worry about this or to take it seriously because it is serious, but they're saying if you want to move through this in a way that you can learn and grow and evolve, one the best way they're recommending is to make sure you laugh, to have humor, to watch comedy, to watch funny things that make you happy.

If you're stuck inside because you're working from home or like you self-quarantined make sure you're doing things that make you happy even if you're not sick. If you're stuck at home, don't just sit at home and hunker down in your toilet paper fort. You gotta do what makes you feel good so do not sit here and just watch news report after news report after news report, like checking your Twitter. It's good to check in once in a while but there's not a whole lot you can do. Keeping your vibration at a certain level is going to make you not as much of a match for that experience of getting sick. Also, a lot of water is not gonna kill the virus, but it's more than your body will feel like it's safer if it's hydrated. When you're going to be hydrated, your body starts to panic, so you got to take the panic out of your body as much as possible. Just doing fun things like maybe have video chats with your friends and don't isolate yourself socially. Use technology to your advantage. Social distancing they were saying... okay, maybe physically but we can't socially distance ourselves from each other because the isolation creates a depression which creates more anxiety and it makes the body feel unsafe because we are communal creatures. It can lower your vibration and lower your immune system. The key here is that being happy, drinking a lot of water, whatever green juice, eating very not binge on junk food during this time, just keep it keep it as healthy as possible and to make sure you're laughing and happy and talking to people virtually because that will keep your spirits up will keep your immune system high.

TRANG: Yeah, so it's kind of like you were saying the point of this lesson is to build more of a community. If people aren't doing this, then we're not gonna learn the lesson and this thing's gonna prolong even longer If someone has really good energy, really good vibration, they are laughing and watching funny YouTube videos because that's how they roll and they eat decently if Coronavirus came their way do they have a lower chance of getting it? Or would they get it but they would quickly overcome?

MARIA: Yeah, so basically like it can come into contact with it may not have symptoms. You may get it but you may not have symptoms because your immune system is fighting it off really well and or it's been attacked by your immune system before it even has a chance to replicate. Basically being positive, you may not experience the symptoms of it or you will have something so mild that you barely notice it.

TRANG: Is Trump telling the truth in regards to it being contained or should we not trust his word?

MARIA: There's kind of a collective head shake "no". Not the most trustworthy in this particular issue.

TRANG: Is it true that only elderly and sick people need to worry? Or Is it more so people that are in the low vibration of fear?

MARIA: It's interesting. There are some elderly people that are gonna be just like, "It didn't bother me because we're just living life." They're just enjoying life and they are like, "Hey man, I've lived long enough life. I'm not gonna sit here and waste the precious days that I have left on panicking. If I go, I go." They probably won't get it might not even know they have it. There are gonna be people that are healthy and not in the high-risk range who get it because, for them, there's a personal lesson they have to learn. A lot of them will come through. It's a personal experience. It's a communal experience.

TRANG: What happens to people that have the Coronavirus? What symptoms do you go through?

MARIA: I've seen the word "rundown feeling". It starts off with a rundown kind of feeling where you're just kind of tired. You might think, "Oh, I don't know. I probably just worked too much or maybe I stayed up too late or something." They're showing me some people are going to have a tickle in their throat and from there that's when it kind of starts to evolve and grow into a cough. Some people might have a cough and be like, "I feel okay. I just feel a little tired." It's like these infant stages where we maybe feel like we could still go out. Then it's showing that suddenly there's like a lot of mucus production. Some of them get fevers. There's a general feeling of exhaustion. They don't have the energy to do very much. For some, it gets worse, like real heavy congestion.

They're [spirit guides] giving me this big heart they're sending out to everyone because they feel the pain of the world right now. I'm trying not to cry because they're putting that much compassion through me right now. They're saying "We feel your pain. We are so sad to see you suffer, but there's so much more to this." They're completely empathizing with why people are so scared.

TRANG: What should people be stockpiling instead of toilet paper?

MARIA: This is what they're showing: green juice and water. Supplements like D3, calcium, zinc, selenium, garlic. I saw someone stockpiling ramen at the store and they're saying people are treating this like it's a literal apocalypse. You do not want to be buying ramen. You do not want to be eating that crap and junk food when you're trying to stay well from a virus, not a zombie apocalypse. It's different when you're stockpiling for like supply line shortages and you literally don't have access to civilization, then that's okay. Make sure if you're stocking up on things that will make you feel healthy and nutritional. Whatever you eat really affects your body and you right now need to have a good immune system. They're saying your refrigerators are gonna work still. They're saying carrots, for some reason beets, and they're talking about parsley and cilantro. I think it's very cleansing for the body. They're talking about stews, like a healthy stew with kale, sweet potatoes, and free-range chicken or beef or whatever. Like a hearty stew that's easy so that your body digests that is really packed with nutrition. That's the kind of stuff they're talking about, not stockpiling toilet paper. That would be like the last thing.

TRANG: When will they discover a vaccine a cure?

MARIA: Okay, so by the time they figure out a vaccine it feels like they're working on it. But it feels like by the time it's ready for production the Coronavirus will naturally have tapered off by then. That's what they're showing right now.

TRANG: When will life return back to "normal"? I guess when will people return back to "normal"?

MARIA: That's the key. It's gonna take a lot longer than the virus was here for people to return back to normal. It could take six months to a year to feel safe again. The impact of the virus, in the run of the time it takes to recover, is much shorter than the actual recovery time of the human trauma. There's a lot of dialogue going on about how we're handling this and a lot of people aren't happy with how we're handling this. There's gonna be continued dialogue with that and there's gonna be new ideas that get spawned from this that'll hopefully help us and people are going to be learning heavy lessons from this that they can share. We can become better from it, so that is like even up to like a couple of years from now we'll still be kind of processing learning and instituting new ideas and things in case something like this in the future comes up.

TRANG: How will this change the future? What does this mean for future travel, laws, and policies put in place especially with healthcare and the airlines?

MARIA: For the United States, some of us gonna depend on who we elect. It feels like more of a global coming together of the authorities to figure out a better way to handle this because we've had global outbreaks before but this one feels very close to home for many people, more than SARS or swine flu. It feels much more personal and much more violating, so there's gonna be more collective conversations to how to prepare for this and also just how other countries outside the United States and us. It's going take a long time for that, but it's going to get the ball rolling because people are living in unsafe conditions and they don't have access to quality food.

Oh, this is interesting. I'm not sure how long it's going to take for this to come about but they are showing a little global notification system for events of all kinds. I feel like people might be a little stricter with travel at least for the next year. I think it's going to eventually lighten up a little bit over the next year.

TRANG: Is Coronavirus going to affect healthcare?

MARIA: That's something that is getting exposed hard right now. The longer you don't address it, the worse it gets until the event comes that'll expose a bunch of stuff at once that we need to move forward. Again, that's why these things like this are awful for us but they are tools for the advancement of the society of our earth. For example, this has been a problem for a long time where our system, as much as many healthcare organizations there are and facilities, we are struggling with making sure people have their preventative care. The a big issue in our Western medicine system is preventative care so they're trying to get better in some ways but this is definitely gonna catapult some major thinking.

It always starts with one person getting Coronavirus and now the whole world has it, so you could see someone's personal problem becomes all of ours in one way. These pandemics are tools of connection and it humbles us to see that it, really, your personal crap is part of the collective. Actually there's a lot of frustrated people who are working in a lot of those sectors and they are having their hands tied in some way or are not getting resources. It's definitely not like they want it to be that way. We're failing as a system.

TRANG: How much more will society change over the next few months?

MARIA: feels like an angelic presence is coming forward for this. Something I forgot to mention that they told me was social media has kind of powered for misinformation fear. Pocket fear everybody [shows cell phone]: fear right in your pocket whenever you want. Because of this people are gonna be writing about their experiences and their perspectives on how we handle this in society. It's starting to show all these cool articles coming out. Interviews of thinkers coming together and trying to make a difference. They're showing books are gonna get written about this it's gonna be a massive mark in history. Because of how we reacted is gonna spark all these people, sociologists, psychologists, scientists, people in tech...they're all going to be thinking about this and saying, "Okay, we can't have this again." People are going to share that energy and information it's going to empower people and excite them to do something about this for the future, for the children that inherit the earth for the next several generations. That's one of the most beautiful things that's going to come out of this dialogue.

TRANG: Any last words before we close it up?

MARIA: It feels like grandpa and an angelic energy are stepping forward. They want to say that peace, as simple as it sounds, is great medicine. Peace... inner peace, peace in your home. If you can't find peace of your community, create peace in your home, create peace in your properties because the body will feel. The body only knows what you tell is right, what the brain is perceiving in the input in the stimulus, so if you're stimulating your body with your mind and soul with social media panic information with people at the grocery store panicking, you see it all around you, your brain will think it has to panic too because something must be going wrong because we're communal creatures. But if you're at home and you've quarantined yourself or you're just staying home from communal activities, creating as peaceful of an environment as possible is so key because you're telling your body, "No, it's fine." and then your body's immune system could stay strong. You can get through this and have a minimal impact personally. That's something they want to leave with. Peace, as simple as it sounds, is powerful medicine.

TRANG: Okay, thank you so much. Guys, go to stores and get your green juices, fruits, veggies, and water. Share some toilet paper. Go see some comedies and Skype with friends. Thank you so much.

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