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Crystals That Boost Your Confidence

Today we’re going to be addressing: confidence! How do you get more of it? There are always times in life where we all could use some, whether it’s to muster up the courage to tell someone you like them, negotiate that salary you know you deserve, or speaking up your mind and standing up for yourself. Here are a few recommendations for crystals that will help you with that:

Ametrine (amethyst + citrine hybrid)

I love this crystal. It has both properties of joy, confidence, and prosperity properties mixed together with transmuting negative energy, making it a powerful combo. It’s a great way to get that energy in your auric field.

the happy healing shop crystal coasters - Crystals That Boost Your Confidence


To me, this crystal resonates joy and prosperity which also gives that boost of energy and confidence that you need, if you’re feeling low on it. Carry this around with you and definitely try sleeping with it under your pillow at night. It can give you insight into why you’re not at your most confident.


This crystal comes in different colors. It’s great for communication, and I think sometimes people struggle with self-confidence because they don’t know what to say and how to communicate with others. Sometimes people are afraid they’re going say something stupid and then end up not saying anything at all. This stone is great for helping you with that, and it also keeps your mind really clear, making it a great concentration stone as well.

Rose Quartz

This beautiful crystal will help you through the emotional issues that are causing your lack of confidence and generally promotes self-love.

Tigers Eye

Not only is tigers eye beautiful and gorgeous but it’s very protective and grounding. Additionally, it’s great for self-confidence. I remember when I wore this bracelet for a while when I was looking for a new job, and I felt it really helped me in interviews. I don’t know what it was.

There were a couple of times I forgot to wear it and I noticed the difference. Tigers eye is crystal great for overall grounding, protection, and giving you that extra boost of confidence. I recommend this stone if you’re trying to build your confidence and work through the things that cause you confidence issues.

For these crystals, I recommend getting jewelry which is really common that you can find in a lot of different forms. It’s something you can wear and you’ll have crystals that help boost your confidence in you without realizing it! These are my recommendations for some crystals that have helped me, and I hope they can help you as well!

With Love And Light,


Which crystals have you tried using? Did they work for you? Let us know by sharing it with us on social media below!

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