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"How Do I Develop Psychic Skills? I Think I'm Reconnecting To My Mediumship Abilities."

As you are getting into your spiritual awakening or growing more sensitive to your abilities, here are four key tips I suggest to people to cultivate and develop psychic or mediumship skills:

1) Be open.

Learn the need to also kind of surrender to the unknown and to know that they're going to be seeing things that are going to make no sense to their logical minds. They're gonna be challenged in ways they couldn't have imagined.

They're going to connect with beings that maybe they didn't even know were real or existed. It's meant to be challenging. Becoming a medium does involve going through spiritual awakenings (awakening your mediumship is a spiritual awakening).

Knowing that going in and understanding that will help when you're guided to certain information, when you start receiving messages, or when you start seeing different spirits & entities.

2) Learn & Listen.

Learn and listen, instead of responding with fear right away. That is something I would highly recommend to people to understand the nature of developing psychic skills or honing mediumship or any spiritual practice.

3) Search For Content Creators And Practitioners.

Find ones that resonate with you, your morals, and your values. Your gut instinct will guide you to the right people that you resonate with on a soul level. That's a really big deal, and it can help you feel supported.

Listen to your gut instinct and using discernment, especially when you listen to different metaphysical practitioners and content creators speak about their practice (do their messages feel yucky, weird, off, etc.)

Pay attention to those feelings because learning discernment is a very big key to accumulating knowledge and practice. There's a lot of generic stuff out there about crystals, spells, spirituality, energy cleansing, protection, etc. but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone.

A lot of this stuff has been repeated over and over by practitioners. Some people bypass their own gut instinct and regurgitate stuff, when maybe they're supposed to bring in some new information.

At first, you're going to be mostly practicing what you hear. Over time, you're going to gain confidence.

Eventually, you'll be able to start to discern things that you may feel is missing something. You can ask your guides about this because now you're actually TRUSTING that you can talk to your guides and your higher self; you're trusting that you're getting that information.

Then you might receive another piece of information to add on to these things that were taught to you. Sometimes we learn certain things as a seed, and then it grows into our own understanding of it. Then we could share that with others. Sometimes the information can come where you know it doesn't need any adjustment.

4) Understand that being a medium isn't just about SEEING spirits (aka clairvoyant ability).

It's about talking to them and having conversations. It's about being a universal translator and being able to translate a spirit, convert a message from any type of background, and working with different communication styles. Some spirits might use more clairvoyance and some spirits might use more clairaudience. Some spirits might send feelings. Pay attention to these things, some spirits might use all of your senses and it can get very overwhelming.

Just know that different spirits are going to communicate differently. Sometimes you're not going to get the amount of data that you're used to getting because the spirit is communicating maybe in a way that's a little different than what you're used to. And that's okay.

Know that you're not always going to get vivid images; sometimes it's going to be duller.

Notice the difference between how different spirits passed away. Do they communicate differently with you (depending on how they died, their upbringing, or what dimension of the afterlife they're in)?

Pay attention to all these things and take notes.

Record your experience whether it's in a journal, video diary, short audio clips of you talking into your phone, or writing on post-its. Also, pay attention to your dreams and what they're trying to tell you.

Most of all, you need to trust in yourself and to trust that the information you're getting is the information you need to get.

That is one of the biggest things I personally found helpful from other mediums. I really cherish it because that was the game-changer for me.

That's what really broke me outside of the box.

I still sometimes struggle to this day with that, and that may always be there for people who are doing this kind of work. That's okay; that's how we learn and grow and push ourselves outside of the boundary as we develop psychic abilities.

I hope this helped and best wishes to you!

With Love & Light,


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