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How Do Crystals Work?

Welcome to another crystal post! So you may be wondering how do crystals work? Why do people love them so much? Why are they so prevalent, especially in the metaphysical circles today, and are also making way into people’s homes in general?

Some people may not even understand why they like crystals but they’re attracted to them nonetheless. They’re beautiful, amazing, and they come in so many different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Crystals can be used for different areas of your life.

How Do Crystals Work - crystal points

Some of you might have heard that they have metaphysical properties. I believe that they do. I use them in my reiki practice, for healing, energy cleansing, and to diffuse EMF’s from technology from devices like my computer & cell phones. In addition, you might be wondering why crystals are considered “mystical” or “magical”. There’s actually something scientific on why they are and how they work this way. One of the things we can talk about is the dominant oscillatory rate.

Humans and mammals have a variable vibration, so our dominant oscillatory rate changes a lot due to the water in our bodies. Crystal structures are more stable, so when you bring a crystal in your energy field, the crystal’s dominant oscillatory rate is going to be far more strong and consistent than your own. It overpowers your weaker rate, your weaker vibration. Therefore, if you keep a crystal in your energy field long enough, you can start to reap the higher vibrational energy that the crystals provide. Even microchips use quartz crystal as a component because of its oscillatory rate. Some easy ways you can include crystals into your life can be found in our other post here. That’s just a quick little primer on how crystals work, both in a scientific and magical way!

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