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How Do I Know If I'm Imagining It Or Am Really Seeing Things? How Can I Connect More with Spirit?

READER'S QUESTION: How do I know if I’m imagining or visualizing? Are intuition & psychic abilities the same? I have not been seeing a lot of signs, or maybe I’m missing them. When I think of my loved one who passed away, I’m not sure if that is me wishing it or not.

There are always signs around us but sometimes we can be caught up and so busy in life that we don't pay attention to the signs. Be mindful and give yourself room to find some peace. Meditation helps, as well as journaling to help notice patterns.

Visualization is also housed within imagination. So if you think of your loved one with you and you feel comfort from that, then they are with you. The more we learn to trust that, the easier it is for us to know when they are with us.

Intuition is like the default human psychic ability. We all have intuition in different ways. It tells us if there's danger. It helps us to understand nonverbal communication a little better.

READER'S QUESTION: I am having increasing activity with a particular spirit and I feel he may be Saint Mark. How do I connect more with him?

One of the things you can do to develop a relationship with a spirit or a being that's working with you as a guide is to do meditations that specially focus on getting to know that guide a little more. It doesn't have to be a special meditation. Set that intention on what it is that they're trying to communicate with you, what role they have in working with you, etc. When you're done with the meditation, you can write in a journal or notebook about any imagery/ symbols, colors, voices/sounds, emotions, feelings that you received and write it down. Over time, you might see a pattern or message.

You can also use a pendulum to ask them yes or no questions. As always, make sure to set your intention before your pendulum session and ask your angels and guides to protect you. Then at the end, close the session by stating that the session is now closed.

READER'S QUESTION: There are a few people on the other side that I would like to contact and I think I’m blocked because I can’t get through or perhaps I’m afraid to hear from them. Are there ways that I could contact them safely? Or is there another reason I can’t contact them, even though I’ve tried?

It's not uncommon for medium to feel blocked talking their own loved ones because we have the fear that we might not get the message right or be biased or get someone who's not our loved one (which can make use uncomfortable).

You're not alone! What you can do is ask your guides for protection before your reading and set an intention that you wish whichever people you're trying to reach on the other side and ask them to come through. You can also ask your guides to help aid you in communication and to release fear during the session. A nice way to ease into this is to use something like a pendulum which can get you started with "yes" or "no" answers.

Again, ask for protection before your session and ask for the only intended spirits to come through. With time, you will start to release some of the barriers to reading. Pendulums are a great way to get in touch with your own intuition, higher self, and guides.

One day you may not have to use a tool anymore! And will be able to trust your ability to channel. After any session, it's always good practice to close the session by stating that the session is now complete.

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