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What Questions Should I Ask In A Reading?

"I'm not sure what to ask during my readings. My loved one was a pretty shy or quiet person, so I'm not sure if they'd talk much.
What are some examples of good questions we can ask loved ones in readings (or how to keep a conversation going with a spirit to have a productive session)?
Do you have a list of common questions you get or suggest?"

Surprisingly for many people, spirits and loved ones in the afterlife are in a different state, so they usually have a lot more to say since they have a different perspective as a spirit.

Here are some questions we get asked quite often:

• What general message is there for me?

• What is my purpose?

• What message is there for me regarding my career? Where is my career heading? Should I stay at my current job?

• How will my financial situation look?

• How can I be more successful?

• How can I strengthen my career & financial situation?

• What are his/her intentions?

• Where are we heading?

• Will I meet someone?

• How can I strengthen my bond with my partner?

• What messages are there for me regarding my relationship? And family?

• What does this year look like for me? What do I need to focus on right now?

What are things I need to work on?

• What messages do my spirit guides have for me?

• What do I need more or less of in my life?

• What should I be aware of or watch out for?

• Is travel coming my way? Will I move and reside elsewhere?

• What’s the afterlife like for them?

• How are they feeling about their funeral and how their things were handled?

• How are they feeling now that they’re on the other side?

• Do they visit me and other family members?

• Do they have any advice for me and other family members?

• Did they suffer or feel pain before they passed? Was it difficult?

• Is there something I could’ve done differently?

• Are they happy with what I did and my life choices?

• Is there anything that’s unresolved that they wish to resolve?

Our readers also want to make the most of your time, and they intuitively know what questions they can expand on during your session to make it a positive experience for you.

We hope this helps ease the pre-appointment jitters you may have! Also, check out these videos (here and here) which may help to know what to expect as well!

With Love & Light,

Maria & Trang

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