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Abortion & Miscarriages: What Happens To Baby Souls & Lives? Do They Come Back?

I have seen cases where the baby's soul decided they just wanted that experience of being attached to the mom, dad, and family but not manifest. It's never a waste; the child, a lot of time, does come right back as the next kid or into another family.

I've also seen a lot of babies who aren't even in the body at all, until they're born. They're kind of floating around the body and they go into it and they go out of it (when aborted or miscarried).

The babies' soul often leaves before anything traumatic happens to the body because there's no need for them to really experience that. Sometimes I notice they hover around but not enter the body, when the body wasn't meant to make it. Let's say for example, if it might be a late-term abortion or miscarriage, a lot of times the soul has already left.

This answer is not a one size fits all, as it depends on what plan and soul contract the baby had.

Finally, the bottom line is that the babies don't hold anything against the mom. There's no need for them to feel like mom did something wrong or that it wasn't meant to be. The baby spirit is not upset, nor vengeful, or anything like that. That's another thing that I find a lot of women have guilt about.

That's why I really hope one day we are in a place where women don't feel like they have to put so much extra unnecessary stress into doing what they have to do, for their safety and health.

With Love & Light,


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