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Is Karma Real?

Is it true when people say, “Don't do that bad thing because you know karma is going to come around?” Is karma real? Is that how karma works? Or is there good karma and bad karma?

It's simple, but it's also a little bit complicated. There’s no “good” or “bad” karma. At the end of the day, it’s all about the universe balancing the energies. If it's not balanced out there, it will not function, so it's designed to counterbalance.

There’s karma from many different dimensions. You have karma from past lives with other people that you can develop soul contracts in this lifetime to resolve. That's just balancing the energy in the relationship.

For example, if you're just sitting and gossiping up a storm all the time about other people, most likely you will end up getting it right back at you. That's just how the universe works. That's how the system stays balanced.

There's also karma that can carry over from major events or even minor events that carry over to another lifetime.

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Freewill can come into play. For example, you can identify the areas in this life that you're living where you feel maybe karma needs to rebalanced out. For example, you can remedy certain karmic things that have come towards you by putting out the opposite energy. If you feel really bad about something you did and you don't know how to fix it, you can do something kind for many people or you can do some kind action to remedy or reverse it.

That's why you can open manifesting channels by doing that because whatever energy you're putting out, it will come back to you. If you're putting out healing, kindness, and all this good energy, then all those opportunities like that are going to come back to you. If you're supporting a lot of people, all of a sudden people will come back and will start supporting you without you asking for it.

However, if you're out there ruthlessly annihilating everybody in your path, it may take some time but eventually, it could come back to you in the form of sickness, in the form of an accident, or it could come back to you with someone is scheming against you. There’s an equal version of you out there that's doing the same thing right back to you, behind your back and you don't even realize it until it happens.

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It’s so complicated, but truly, if there's any advice I could give on the concept of karma: you could think of karma as the universe is counterbalancing energies to keep everything balanced. Just remember whatever you're putting out there will come back to you, and the universe is not discriminating if it's good or bad.

We, humans, label it “good” or “bad”. The universe doesn't; it's just energy. Whatever energy you're putting out there, eventually it will build momentum and come back to you.

Saying “Karma is going to come back and get you!” is actually not good karma. Saying that is kind of like cursing someone. It’s a very human thing to say. You don't get to control that, so how about focus on your own life, and let the universe counterbalance? It doesn't need you to counterbalance or for you to tell it to counterbalance. The universe doesn't operate like that.

So think what kind of life do you want to have? One thing that’s always stood out to me is the golden rule: Do unto others as you'd like done unto you. Just do that. It's really the simplest way I can describe something very complex.

With Love And Light,


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