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"I've Been Trying To Get Pregnant For Over A Year. Why Hasn't It Happened?"

We get this question A LOT and understand how frustrating it can be to be trying for so long, wanting something so badly, and to not have or get what you're seeking such as trying to get pregnant. This topic is better discussed more in-depth with a reading as it varies to each individual.

There are a lot of energies that need to be assessed in order to get a really good picture to see what is going on emotionally, physically, and environmentally around the goal of pregnancy. Many times, the energies aren't quite aligned yet.

Our advice is to access your emotional state: Are you stressed? Are you creating anxiety around the pregnancy? Are you being self-critical? Are you putting pressure on yourself and your body to get pregnant?

These things and more all can affect the womb energy, and it's very common.

When the baby is meant to come, truly divine timing is involved. Sometimes, we find that many people have a difficult time allowing the body to relax and relinquishing expectations surrounding the pregnancy.

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