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Who Is This Black Shadow Hat Man & What Does He Want?

The black shadow “Hat Man” is a very commonly reported phenomenon, and there are a lot of forums on the internet about shadow people that I've run across over the years.

For some reason, quite a few people report seeing this distinctively shaped figure that looks like a tall male shadow with a wide-brimmed hat, with a detective’s trench-like coat. Sometimes they say the shadow hat man stands in the corner of their room at night or tries to attack them, scare them, or trap them by holding them down as they experience sleep paralysis.

shadow hat man

Who is this shadow hat man? Is he a demon or negative energy in a person’s life? Where is he from and why is he here?

I think there are several things going on, and it’s not very super straightforward necessarily:

Some people have theorized the shadow hat man is a type of being or entity who likes to scare people and feed off that energy as a source of “food”.

Then there's this person, Gigi, a psychic on YouTube, who talks about her experience of interacting with and seeing where the shadow hat man came from through a hypnosis session. The shadow hat man kept visiting her room all the time. Through her hypnosis session, she saw where he was coming from by following him back and doing a remote viewing of him. She found he was from an earlier time, in an apartment or hotel room that looked like it was in the 1950s or the 1960s. Gigi distinctively remembered the place had a sense of sadness and loneliness. On the coffee table, she saw a manila folder that said “Watchers”. She suspected that her particular shadow hat man was someone who was involved in a government program, where psychics were being trained to do remote viewing. I thought that was very interesting because it’s the first time I've ever heard anyone talk about their version of the shadow hat man as a being that's traveled forward in time.

old fashion pocket watch

From my own experience of seeing interdimensional beings all the time, I think there are quite a few different types of shadow people, and I think sometimes people do mix them up. In Gigi’s case, yes, I do think there may be some government program or something where they disguise themselves or cloak themselves because it’s top secret.

However, I do think that there are many beings that are interdimensional or extraterrestrial species who disguise themselves, and the reason they might look like a person with a trench coat and hat is possible because when and how they stumbled upon us and our dimension, saw our outfits of that time were of the 1950s-1960s style. There is a chance that they thought, “Oh, this is what these human species wear, you know”. As a result, they try to disguise themselves or blend in using what they perceive or think are the outfits we wear today.

Some may actually try to study the human race or may try to get a rise out of us, similar to the movie “Monster’s Inc.” where the cartoon monsters feed off of the children’s screams when they get scared, so it could be something like that.

Even though I’ve channeled information on this before, it's important to know that there’s so much out there and this info is barely scratching the surface about these types of creatures. Because of the limited information we have, I don't want to create unnecessary fear and misunderstanding about these types of beings.

night sky full of stars

Because we don't understand these beings, we can want to label them in a way that can be inaccurate as it’s based on our limited human perspective. It’s like from the show “Star Trek” where they are seeking out new types of life forms and they have these certain ethics and guidelines for handling new types of life. They don't want to interfere, label, judge or interfere with the development of the new types of forms of extraterrestrial worlds of life they encounter. They try to always come at it with respect.

Just because a being is acting in a certain way that we don't understand or like doesn't mean that it's necessarily evil or wrong. It's just something that doesn't align with us.

It's easy to mislabel beings that we don't understand as being evil or bad, when maybe to them they don't even know they're doing anything negative. for example, humans dig up and cut down trees, or walk on top of grass, all the time and we don’t even think twice sometimes about how the tree or the grass might feel; we just think it's normal but it actually might be harming another being (ie. Earth). We do it without thinking; we buy wood and plenty of furniture and lay out large areas of grass for our kids to run all over.

stack of lumber trees cut down

What Is The Most Important Thing To Take Away From All This?

I've seen shadow people around my bed at night, but haven’t felt threatened by them. I protect myself from negative energies and don't allow certain beings to come near me, so for as many beings that I have been visited by (hundreds), I very rarely, if ever feel threatened. I have had sleep paralysis, but there was not a being present during the experience.

There are all kinds of interdimensional beings and if you feel threatened, all you need to do is say with intention that that being, or any being that does not have intentions of the light, does not have permission to come near you. You can set those boundaries by stating your boundaries with conviction.

If you are still having those issues, a protective crystal grid or using sage in your room often and setting the intention to close any open or active portals in the room.

buddha statue and crystals background

All in all, humans have a lot to learn about interdimensional beings, and other types of energies, so it’s not possible to say conclusively at this time, if the Hat Man is a negative being or not, but as more people learn to harness their psychic gifts, and share their experiences, we may gain more clarity by collectively sharing our observations, just as scientists do when exploring new forms of life on earth. What you can do over time is learn to discern between what you are seeing and feeling and to also trust your instincts, and set energetic boundaries.

With Love & Light,



READER'S QUESTION: "I had a shadow person hold me down last night. I was awake and could see it. It wasn’t sleep paralysis because I was awake and I wrestled it off me. It was holding me down with pressure. Then it rolled off me and was beside me. It was squeezing my hand really tight and wouldn’t let it go. I was not dreaming or hallucinating. It was real, and it was there. My hand is even sore from it squeezing it. I called for Holy Spirit, Holy angels, and God to help me, and it let go and disappeared. What can I do so it doesn’t come back? I think it was a bad entity and I’m unsure why it would come and do that to me. My gifts have come back and I am sensitive to energy. Could this be why?

You are not alone. A lot of people at the moment who are going through the spiritual awakening process or who are waking up their psychic abilities are experiencing an increase in vivid dreams, nightmares, or (like you intuitively said) an increase in sensitivity to spirits, beings, and entities.

This is not uncommon, when you start awakening to other dimensional concepts, as you have spirits breaking outside of the paradigm you grew up in. It can be also a side effect of your third eye awakening or your crown chakra opening up. The more we dive into this stuff, the more we're awakening these chakras.

Something really important to remember is to remember to ground yourself during this experience of spiritual awakening. You can ground yourself by taking salt baths, using grounding straps (can be found on Amazon); you can also go outside hug a tree, stick your feet on the grass, or sand directly barefoot. Also, make sure to check out some of the blog posts we’ve written above (including the one about shadow figures, cleansing energy, and what you can do about it). Always remember, that setting the intention is very important in anything you do and in protecting yourself.

Even as a medium/reader, I work with my guides and angels to set boundaries for which types of beings I wish to work with. With all the spiritual work I do, I set a firm intention that I will only work with beings of light, and will only deliver messages that are for the highest and greatest good of all.

I also spend a lot of time working on myself and always striving to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you are at a high enough vibration, beings that aren't of the light can't and won't even come near you, because you will not be compatible vibrationally.

Negative beings or earthbound spirits can thrive off of emotional conflict, pain, self-hatred, and addictions, to name a few. So working on yourself, not to change who you are, but to focus on wellness, will increase your vibration. Beings of the light will never try to appeal to your ego, tempt you with grandiose promises of fame and power.

Have you encountered the shadow hat man? Click below to share your thoughts and comments with us on social media!

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44 comentarios

I am 56 years old. When I was around 9 years old, living in Coeur d' Alene Idaho. We only lived there for 6-7 months. Every night that I slept in that house I had the same dream. I dreamt about a man that was all dark and he wore a wide brimmed hat. It wasn't his whole body, it was just basically his shoulders and head and it was so dark I could only make out the shape of the hat and his shoulders. I couldn't see any details of a face which did frighten me at first. He was trying to talk to me. I couldn't understand what he was saying. The speaking wasn't clear, it seemed garbled…

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Carla Brown
Carla Brown
16 oct 2023

The Watchers in the Book of Enoch (also see the Bible) include the fallen angels. I would assume this is a fallen entity and the only protection would be the name of Jesus, if one has surrendered their life to Him.

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Chris Girty
Chris Girty
27 sept 2023

I was woken up last night by someone tapping repeatedlyon my lower back. I woke up and loudly said "WHAT???" to my husband. It wasn't him tapping me because he was asleep. I twisted my head to look over my shoulder and saw a tall shadow figure wearing a brimmed hat standing about 6 feet away from me. No glowing eyes or anything. Just standing there. I looked back at my husband and said "Why did you wake me up?". Again he said he didn't. I looked back and the shadow was still there, but when I looked a third time, he was gone.

I didn't feel scared. It didn't feel evil. It was just weird...

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Anyelo Gonzalez
Anyelo Gonzalez
18 jul 2023

I saw him last night. I had gone to bed pretty early which is pretty uncommon for me but after I fell asleep I had the sudden urge to open my eyes, and at the foot of my bed leaning on my dresser was the hat man I didn't really think much of it and thought that it was probably nothing so I turned the side and went back to sleep after a while I had woken up again but this time the hat man wasn't at the foot of my bed, he ways laying next to me staring at me with some fiery orange eyes me being confused I grabbed my phone and lit up the room and nothing…

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I saw the hat man back in 2004 it was early in the morning, he was very tall wearing a top hat an a trench coat and he was floating not walking, I didn't have no type of interaction with him I just saw him, I was so surprised with his height that I ran to the direction he was floating towards and he was gone, I wasn't scared I was more in a wow state for seeing him. Thank you for reading my experience with hat man


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