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How To Tell If You Have A Psychic Child And 10 Ways You Can Support Them

Life for you and your child may seem to be going on great. As they grow older, they might act differently than usual or notice what seems to be like paranormal activity. Maybe they will start to play with an unseen friend or tell you about an imaginary person, or feel the emotions of others. It can be hard to understand what a child is going through, for a parent who is new to all this.

Common Signs That Your Child Is Psychic

  1. Displays high sensitivity both emotionally and physically towards other people, places, or objects

  2. Does not like to see animals or people hurting

  3. Has difficulty controlling their emotions, sometimes not knowing what triggered those emotions

  4. Has a huge sense of creativity and imagination

  5. Highly intelligent, but easily distracted

  6. Suffers from unexplained mood swings

  7. The child carries or feels the pain of others

  8. Experiences vivid dreams or nightmares

  9. Finds it hard to fall asleep or not wanting to sleep at all

  10. Has a fear of being alone in the dark

  11. Sees orbs, glitter, or flashes of light

  12. Talking or seeing a deceased family member or people they have never met before

  13. Has a curiosity about spirit guides or angels

  14. Sees or feels the presence of imaginary friends, sometimes getting headaches, anxiety, or feeling tired from them

  15. Being fascinated by other cultures, period, or ancient civilization they know nothing about

  16. Easily overwhelmed by energy or feels uncomfortable walking into a certain room for no logical or obvious reason

  17. Suffers isolation caused by their peers because of ridicule

  18. Talks about their past life

  19. Suffers from separation anxiety

  20. Hears things, see flashes of light, or experiences unexplained occurrences

  21. Has a deep attraction towards animals, crystals, and plants

  22. Enjoys nature

  23. Naturally wants to help others

  24. They look beyond/past you.

  25. Has issues at night such as waking up screaming and signs of anxiety, stomach aches, headaches, and neck/shoulder pains and there are no medical explanations for it

  26. They see things, colors, or shadows, or pick up on the emotions of people around them, or hear people having conversations, but no one is actually physically talking.

Wondering which of the six psychic gifts your child has?

Exercises And Activities To Support Your Psychic Child

1. Have Nurturing, Supportive, & Open Conversations Without Judgment

As a parent, one of the best things you can do is to help your child feel more comfortable is to encourage them to have conversations more often with you about their experiences. Reassure them that there isn't something wrong with them nor are they damaged.

Talk to them about what they see, hear and feel, and in doing so, you will help them feel comfortable with their environment and abilities. You can ask open-ended questions such as, “What does this energy feel like to you’’ and “What do you see? How does it make you feel?”, "Would you like to draw how you feel or what you see?”. Allow your child to describe it to you and listen, without trying to insert your own ideas into it.

2. Meditate To Music Or Nature

Try implementing the regular practice of meditation, even if it's only 5 minutes a day. Listening to relaxing music along with breathing can help calm down their already sensitive nervous system. If they are having difficulty, you can also have an object that they can focus their attention on. You can also meditate outdoors in nature by staring at the trees or clouds. Sound bowls and chimes can help as well.

3. Enroll Your Child In Psychic Classes

If your child is interested, psychic classes offer provisions to help your child at home, and at the pace they are comfortable with, when starting out on developing and learning to control their abilities. Classes could be found through an online search. Please note that it’s best to do this when a child is interested, and not force them into it.

We currently offer a psychic development course (the videos are more suited for teens and older). However, they offer exercises there that anyone at any age can use to practice and develop their skills.

In the future, we hope to have a psychic development course for children. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on when it’ll be released!

4. Take Care Of Their Bodies & Allow Them To Explore Their Creative Side

Because your child’s body is likely to be sensitive, processed and unhealthy foods can make them feel tired and drained. In addition, exercising for some can balance the energy of their body and strengthen their psychic ability. Activities such as jogging, yoga, swimming, riding the bicycle, etc. can help. Even exercising the creative mind with artistic activities like dancing, drawing, painting, music, acting, and more can help express their creative side and depict what they are feeling and seeing.

5. Help Keep A Dream Journal

It can be useful to record your child’s dreams. Dreams are known as the gateway to one’s subconscious. Dreams can offer answers to what your child sees and experiences.

6. Create Intention And Set Boundaries

Make an energy shield. Your child can visualize white light, surrounding them like a bubble. As they do this, they can create an intention to be protected by saying, “No beings or spirits can enter this bubble. Any bad energies are not welcome and need to leave.” Setting that intention is key and educating your child that they have the free will and power to allow what comes into their space. They are not at the mercy of the spirits that surround them.

Assure your child that there is nothing to be afraid of, as there are many different types of beings that are harmless and just curious. Here are several other ways to get rid of negative energy.

7. Call Upon Angels & Spirit Guides

When your child would like some extra help or guidance, they can call upon their spiritual team by saying something as simple as, “I'm going to sleep right now. Everyone has to leave right now, except for my angels and guides who can protect me as I sleep.”

8. Introduce Them To An Energy Healing Technique

Many psychic children can grow up with pain. Sometimes they are metaphysical causes. Energy healing can help with this as their bodies can take in many different energies throughout the day. They can try things such as energetic cord cutting or Reiki. We offer an online Reiki course that parents (and children) can take together. You can also create an energetic protection bubble with the reiki symbols you learn.

9. Hold Onto Some Crystals

Psychic people may be naturally drawn to stones and crystals as a young child. Here is a video explaining which crystals are best for kids, which are safe in the water for a bath, and which crystals to use for each issue:

10. Try A Cleansing Spray

Creating a cleansing spray can be as simple as a few drops of soothing lavender essential oils with water. Tiny quartz crystal/chips inside the bottle are optional. You can let your child know that they can use the spray bottle to mist their auras and the space around them while setting the intention such as “My energy is being cleansed. No negative beings or spirits can enter my space.”

Questions We’ve Received From Parents

Can weather change affect a child who has abilities?

Yes, big weather changes can affect psychic people, especially children. They can be greatly affected because they can sense geological events before they take place. Weather changes like a hurricane change the energy in a large area, and it can be overwhelming for psychic people. People can sense the energetic shift of weather patterns happening worldwide. As for psychics, they can even feel the devastation of such events. In turn, such people end up suffering from depression and anxiety from it. You can help keep them calm by giving hugs (or any of the above exercises) to calm down their nervous system, especially when dealing with your kids.

My child has ADHD and has been on medication for a year now. Ever since my child started the medicine, he/she sees and hears things more. Is he/she able to hear and see things more due to the medication, as it helps my child focus and concentrates better?

Yes, medication can cause someone to focus their abilities more. However, some people who are overmedicated or use medication not suitable for them have reported dampening of their psychic abilities.

Are spirits drawn to babies? I have noticed interesting things happening around my house since my baby was born.

Yes, they can be. Babies can also be more aware of their angels, guides, and other energies that grown-ups will not notice or pick up on. With every new generation, the kids are coming in more psychic.

As a parent, it can be overwhelming or confusing on how to support your gifted child. You being a supportive and safe person they can go to, who can guide them, will greatly help them on their spiritual path. At the end of the day, it’s all about setting the intention and finding which technique your child is drawn to.

Don’t forget to check out our private Facebook group, where other parents who have psychic children have been sharing their experiences, asking questions, and supporting each other.

Are you a parent who has a psychic child?

Comment below with your questions or any tips you may have!

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