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Why We Aren’t A Fan Of Predictions About The Future

Why Doesn’t The Happy Healing Shop Really Do A Lot Of Predictions In Their Content, Blog, & Videos?

I can do predictions about the future. I get information all the time, but I see it as a potential pitfall. Historically, a lot of mediums and psychics I feel like they're performing, “Oh look, I'm the Oracle whose going to give a prediction.” To me, that’s driven by ego. I think a lot of psychics see this as an opportunity to boost their personas to the public and to give them notoriety, to make people trust them more.

People are still hung up on that old paradigm that mediums and psychics have to perform and prove it in order for people to respect us. Then look at what happens to all the performing mediums. Eventually, they get one thing wrong, and then our whole reputation is completely trashed because predictions about the future can’t ever be 100% guaranteed, but the public doesn't know that. They're ignorant to that and the mediums don't explain this; they become so egocentric that they don't even consider that they could be wrong because they've gotten gotten right a few times.

However, those psychics and mediums are not fundamentally teaching people that this prediction could change tomorrow, so they're setting themselves up for eventual failure because something could tip the timeline which changes everything. As a result, everyone's going to think that they're frauds.

A movie example is the “Avengers” movie with the time stone. Dr. Strange explains that if one little thing changes, it sets the time stone on a completely different path and timeline.

How Predictions About The Future Negatively Affect People

Personally, I think predictions about the future are a very slippery slope, but I think you can give predictions in a helpful way. Perhaps, we should limit the amount of predictions we give or how detailed they are because we don't want to mess with people's free will at the end of the day.

This is why I'm not huge on being the next Oracle because I think it's a case by case basis, where you should or shouldn’t do predictions.

What I see happen a lot is people get obsessed with and addicted to predictions about the future. It's best for people to use their free will to influence their lives, moment by moment, day by day, instead of what a psychic said. It's best if people can learn to learn to live in the moment.

People shouldn’t halt what they would normally and intuitively do just because a psychic told them some prediction where they can or can't do something during this time or something bad is going to happen, or that something is going to happen to them a month from now and they’re going to be waiting thinking “I can’t do anything. I’m just going to sit here and not do anything in case something bad happens because someone told me so”. People can become terrified or petrified.

To me, that takes our power away. When we reiterate predictions over and over, we're kind of reinforcing that old mindset and shift for the collective conscious, when instead we could have shifted in a different direction.

While I can give people personal predictions about the future if I feel they need it, I am hesitant to get into too much detail of it because I do not want to impede their free will. I do not want it to get in their heads.

Just because we can give predictions, doesn't mean we should.

Now people asked us about Coronavirus. I was even hesitant to do that, to be honest, but Grandpa Loan in the afterlife had some information that could help people to get through it.

With Love & Light,


What are your thoughts on predictions? Have you gotten a reading before? Did the prediction help or hinder you? We’d love to hear your experience, so click below to connect with us on social media!

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I once had a reading where my psychic was vague enough to give me hope about my future as she recognized that I was feeling really down about my current issues. No specifics other than something good is in my plan for my mid 40s. I’ve been trying to manifest what that is for me ever since then!

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Thank you for sharing this! It's great that she gave you her prediction but was vague so it did not mess with your free will. Using your free will to influence your life, moment by moment, is important! Love & Light :)


Trang Pham-Nguyen
Trang Pham-Nguyen
11 sept. 2020

They can be addictive, but they sure feel reassuring sometimes lol

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