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How To Talk To Your Higher Self

In this post, we’ll be talking on ways on how to talk to your higher self, and what your higher self is.

What Is “Your Higher Self”? What Does It Mean?

A higher self is the version of you that's in spirit form in a higher dimension that kind of manages all your incarnations. It has access to all the wisdom, lessons, and experiences we may not be able to access as easily because we're in a physical plane here on Earth.

If we learn how to tap into ourselves, we can get great wisdom from our own soul in our lifetimes. People should actually be going to their higher selves first for information because our higher selves know exactly what's best for us in any situation for any life that we incarnated in the past, present, and “future”.

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What Are Some Ways You Can Connect With Your Higher Self?

There are many ways you can learn to open the channel intentionally between your higher self. You can use many different divination tools and techniques to start to open that channel more fluidly and intentionally. If you want to start to develop more of a relationship with your higher self and start to get feedback to see maybe where you need to focus more or less energy on, here are some ideas:

  • Using a pendulum, and setting the intention that you want to talk to your higher self. You can ask it yes or no questions.

  • Doing daily tarot readings where you ask your higher self questions

  • Meditating and asking for a message during the meditation

  • Before bed, asking your higher self to give you the information in dreams

  • EFT Tapping because it can clear our mental block and clutter on our preconceived notions about who we should be and what we should be doing that have been programmed into us from the time we were born. It opens up channels for channeled information to freely flow in and out of you.

  • Eating healthy high vibrational foods can clear out those channels too

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Some ways you can tell you’re integrated with your higher self are include not putting up resistance towards things that you need to explore and do, not letting fear get in the way or your preconceived notions & biases, and starting to learn how to just take the information given and enacting it in your life.

Is my higher self a version of myself way far into the future, and that's why it’s all this wisdom and knowledge that can give me guidance right now?

Not really. Time is not linear, up there in the other dimension where our higher self exists, so it can see all lifetimes all at once. It’s connected to each person and who are in all the different lifetimes from past, present, and future. It's connected so it can pull information from any one of those, and that's why it's able to do that because it's not incarnated.

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What Are Scenarios On When And Why I Would Want To Talk To My Higher Self, Or Good Time To Talk To My Higher Self?

Anything, anytime. A lot of people kind of seem to bypass their higher self and want to talk to angels, loved ones who passed away, and spirit guides. They're all great and can help you, but no one knows you like your higher self. Your higher self as YOU, with all access to everything.

I think it would be cool for people to learn more about the higher self and understand that they can converse with it and they can integrate pieces of the higher self into their body, mind, and consciousness in this life.

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You have to be open to all the ways the info could appear. You might get a feeling. You might get a tingle. You might suddenly feel magnetically drawn to something. Pay attention to all the ways that response comes to you.

The most important thing is to feel the guidance from your higher self. You don't have to know what gender or name of your highest self is. It's really more about feeling the intuition that you can pull from that energy. If you're having a tough time or if you're just wanting to know what to do, you can ask yourself for guidance, and your higher self will give you the answer that is for your highest good.

With Love & Light,


Have you connected with your higher self? How did you do it and what discoveries did you make? Click below in the social media link and share your thoughts with us!

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